Executive Assistant

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Full Time


$900-$1300 / month




Feb 07, 2023


Fast-paced Korean-American law firm is seeking a talented, extremely proactive, and responsive executive assistant to work directly with the managing partner.

We will need a full-time executive assistant for the following responsibilities:

1. Execute and enforce the partner's organizational vision by taking the lead in writing/maintaining/revising the various procedures/rules/systems for the company, as well as the in the firm's individual departments. An extremely organized mindset is a must - someone who detests loose ends will thrive in this position. Written English with proper grammar is required, as this position involves written procedures.

2. Once the executive assistant masters the company's organization rules, they will be expected to train new hires (including potentially other Filipino assistants) on the company's organizational Upgrade to see actual info addition, the executive assistant will be responsible for enforcement of the firm's procedures/rules/systems, so they must not be too shy to speak up and politely correct others when necessary.

3. The executive assistant will be trained on the partner's own personal organization system and assist him so he can spend more time performing substantive and business development work instead of organization. Overseeing the managing partner's calendar and scheduling will also be involved.

4. It is not anticipated that this position will require any substantive work to be performed - it is mainly an organizational and administrative position. That being said, the executive assistant will thrive if they have an open and willing mind to learn about the company's substantive work in order to perform their organizational duties better. Prior knowledge of either the legal or medical field is helpful but not required.

5. A strong and reliable internet connection is an imperative requirement, VOIP calls and videoconferences may be needed at times. We currently utilize Workflowy, Gsuite, Gdrive, and Upgrade to see actual info as our main software. The executive assistant should have familiarity with computers and utilize technology effectively to make their work more efficient.

6. Overlap with the company's workday (9-5 Eastern US time) is highly preferred, but flexible arrangements can be discussed. The executive assistant must be extremely responsive and engage in many real-time discussions with the partner.

7. The executive assistant will also be expected to proactively think of ways to generally make the managing partner's working life easier and more straightforward, and for his vision/will to be realized more and more in the company. A problem-solving mindset will come in handy.

The managing partner can be demanding, but is extremely fair and very willing to nurture and train dedicated people. A curious mind matches well with the managing partner's personality, as he enjoys teaching and explaining various concepts.

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