Amazon book publisher/ book coach/ photoshop editor

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Feb 03, 2023


Amazon book publisher/ book coach / photoshop editor

hey, we are a group of FUN companies in United Kingdom doing book publishing, public speaking, business accelerators and property rentals. Our mission is to inspire thousands of people with inspiring videos & other quality content.
We offer a secure long term online job for many years to come. We pay weekly thru paypal or transferwise - negotiable pay for 40 hrs a week. We offer 20 days paid holidays/year and variety - longterm job. You won't get bored & Guaranteed to learn a lot regardless of current experience. Ongoing training will be provided - huge growth!
Overtime will be paid extra if you are available.

Tasks :
publish books on amazon
follow up with clients who need to submit their book and be their 'kick in the butt' anti procrastination coach reminding them to submit their books and going through the templates with them regarding what is missing to complete their books
All training will be provided regarding easy to follow templates.
editing the books (the books will be verified by another British editor at the end but you must have excellent spoken/written English to check that what they wrote is okay or rewrite content where needed
graphic editing to format the book sizes for amazon
Please answer all these questions in this exact order to apply in whatsapp only to Upgrade to see actual infomonthly Wage required for 40 hrs/ week
2 Are you ok to work 11am to 7pm or 9 to 5pm UK time Tuesday to Saturday. If not offer a close alternative. less days or less hours are possible. most content given.
3 How many years work experience do you have?
4 Which tools/software you know how to use? (adobe photoshop+ adobe premier knowledge is required)
5 Send sample of books published/ edited/ designs/ portfolio by whatsapp
6 Have you designed books, ebooks covers, magazine covers, leaflets, banners, pdfs?
7 Can you Design websites in wordpress - basic knowledge/ great/ expert - this is desirable but non essential
8 Confirm start date possible for you
9 do you have STABLE WIFI
10 Do you have WIFI FASTER THAN 10MBPS or POSSIBLE to upgrade if we paid for that?
11 Do You Have Typing Speed Faster Than 60mbps
12 Do you have ACCESS TO WHATSAPP on phone and pc.
13 Mention Your Pc Type
14 Do u have Permanent Access To Electricity So Hopefully Not Many Electricity Cuts
15 Do You Have Great Written English Grammar And Some Spoken English (Though Less Used)

Key things to succeed in this job:
Attention To Detail
Following instructions
Fast Thinking
Common Sense

Work alongside a young - ish creative, informal & fun team

Project Management
Writing Project Management
Graphics & Multimedia
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