Senior Accountant (Full Time) - At Accounting and Advising Firm to Help Business Owners Reach Their Potential

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Full Time






May 31, 2023


Do You Love Numbers?

If so, we need to work together.

- Exciting, fast growing company
- Dynamic, fun and friendly team
- Flexible work schedule
- Work from the comfort of your home
- Long term position
- Feel empowered, make decisions
- Grow with the company
- Live up to your potential
- We'll invest in your training and career development.
- Unlimited opportunities as the company grows
- Have an impact on the success of local businesses
- Make a difference in our clients’ lives


At About Profit, our mission is to ensure that every business owner finds success in their endeavors, and to provide their business with the tools and resources they need to thrive.

We currently have over 1500 clients! That’s where you come in -

We need help with our bookkeeping and accounting work, so the management team can focus on growing the business.

This is an exciting long-term opportunity. We will continue to grow and look to advance our staff through promotion and other unique training opportunities.

As you grow, the position can grow with you, based on your skills and interests -

Want to develop your leadership skills? Fantastic!
Want to level up your accounting savvy? Amazing!

Whichever direction your passion and talent take you, we’ll offer you free training, mentorship, and courses so you really can live up to your potential.

- Making you more valuable to us, our clients and the broader job market.

So are you ready?

You will be responsible for making sure that all the bookkeeping and accounting work we do is top-notch. We’ll provide extensive training.

Assist with bookkeeping (when necessary)
Provide guidance/training for bookkeeping staff
Review staff output (bookkeeping/sales tax/1099s/RPIE/IT-204-LL)
Prepare financial statements (business/personal)
Prepare business tax returns (C corp/S corp/partnership/exempt organization/trust)
Prepare insurance reports and premium audits (workers compensation/disability/general liability)
Prepare other miscellaneous filings (pension reporting/client license renewal/client applications)
Build and nurture client relationships
Review and resolve tax notices

To apply, at the top of your cover letter, please write "Today is a gift.”

- Gets Stuff Done
You take charge and get stuff done! You know you can ask for feedback and resources, but you don’t make excuses. You have a passion and an internal drive to make things happen! You find people who just like to talk and do nothing a bit irritating.

- Figures Stuff Out
You love a good challenge, and to solve problems. You have the world at your fingertips, and with a keyboard and mouse can figure almost anything out. You get a weird satisfaction in doing puzzles, riddles, and brain teasers.

- Sees The Best In Others
It kills you to see someone not living up to their potential. You can’t help but to encourage and mentor those around you. “You’re such a teacher,” is something you’ve heard a lot.

- Leads Others
You know you can’t do every little thing. Great generals have an army of specialists, and know their job is to empower others to do their best. You’re great at setting objectives and holding people accountable.

- Prioritizing
Sometimes there’s just not enough time for everything (sigh). Fortunately, you have an instinct for prioritizing. Important things go to the top of the list, and the other stuff… well, it’ll have to wait.

- Loves Numbers
Facts and figures are your jam. You don’t need paragraphs and sentences, because the numbers tell you all you need to know. You’re detail oriented, and you make decisions based on logic; when you buy a car, you have a detailed checklist of specs, makes and models.

- Solves Problems
Reason, logic, and process is your zone of comfort. Your friends are often amazed at how you find solutions so quickly, often before they even realize there's a problem.

- Assertive
If you need something, you ask for it. Sometimes you have to insist, but you’re always able to explain why your way is right. Every now and then you’re wrong, and you’re willing to concede.

- High Standards
The phrase "it's good enough" is not in your vocabulary. You love pushing yourself and those around you to do better. Often, you find ways to work smarter, not harder.

- Organized
You love cleaning up and creating order out of chaos. You just don’t understand how people can relax in a messy home. (Straighten up people!)

- Loves Responsibility
You love to be in charge, and you want more responsibility. You get satisfaction in knowing you earned it.

- Positive Attitude
You don’t let the little things get you down. You simply roll with the punches! You’re upbeat, positive, cheerful, and excited about the Upgrade to see actual infoPANY CULTURE
We're transparent; ask if something isn't clear, feel comfortable to express your difference of opinion. We work hard and we have fun.

Based on ability and experience, ranging from $1200-$1300/month. If you believe you have more to offer, tell us what you’d like and why you’re able to deliver more Upgrade to see actual infoNDIDATE REQUIREMENTS
- Honest
- Reliable
- Confidentiality
- Fluent in English
- 3-5 years of experience in bookkeeping
- Knowledge of Quickbooks Desktop and QB Online
- Experience communicating with federal, state and local tax authorities
- Experience with tax software (Lacerte a plus)
- Experience with 1099 preparation (CFS Payroll a plus)
- Experience with client workflow management software (Karbon a plus)
- Type 50 WPM

- A bookkeeping certificate
- QBO ProAdvisor certified

*REQUIRED - Internet: Fast, stable connection

Work Environment: Be able to work privately (you’re accessing confidential financial information) during business hours.

Full time position (40 hours/week); 10am - 6pm US Eastern Time


a SHORT cover letter to Upgrade to see actual info can’t wait to work with you!

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