Linux Admin (Ubuntu)

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Full Time


TBD (first time hiring for this role, unsure)




May 25, 2023


Are you passionate about Linux Server Administration (Ubuntu) and "taking care" of servers? Let’s team up.

We believe in people. This is why we only work with clients who serve Upgrade to see actual infoom firefighters, to law firms, to suppliers sending life-saving food to kids dying of malnutrition, the work you do will help make the world a better place.

Our team is made up of people who want to do the best work of their life. People who love to learn, challenge themselves, grow and have some fun along the way. We also care about each other – we support each other in our own personal goals and vision. We are human beings before employees and we love to bring out the best in each Upgrade to see actual infow, ready to learn more about this opening? Buckle up.

If you work here, you’ll be:
- Challenged to do the best work of your life in a supportive environment.
- Become the best communicator you can become (this is the most important thing we do).
- Have the space to ask questions, voice your feedback and make a difference (and be yourself).
- Help expand our server infrastructure, tools and grow with your fellow developers.

You’ll do well in this job if you:
- Have a strong background in Ubuntu and managing services like Nginx, Postgres, Redis, etc.
- Able to identify bottlenecks and make suggestions on where we can improve.
- Familiar with high traffic systems where we want the least amount of downtime.
- Know enough to be dangerous in Python (but not an expert) and familiar with how APIs work.
- Willing to help us understand our app and troubleshoot (eg. digging in the database, checking server logs, etc)
- Understand DNS, able to open web inspector and analyze XHR requests, etc.
- Enjoy working with people who actually care about what they do and will not let you be lazy or do sloppy work.
- Have an opinion and care about best practices and love learning and creating and building.
- Have grit and determination and are someone who will exceed no matter what gets in your way.
- Are attentive to detail. (I will hold you accountable to this)

You probably shouldn’t apply if:
- You’re “just looking for extra money.”
- You like working 5 full-time jobs because all you care about is work.
- You get offended easily and take things personally.
- You are not someone with grit and determination who can persevere while being challenged to do great work.
- You get overwhelmed easily with problems, new habits, new learnings and chat messages.

The interview process:
- Since 99% of our work is done via Slack (we don’t do scheduled calls), the entire interview process will be via email. (With lots of questions, sprinkled with a few voice notes)
- Note: this is the first time we're hiring for a Linux admin role. You have freedom to help carve this path out for yourself.

If you work here:
- You’ll get 13th month salary, Filipino holidays, unlimited time off (we don’t count sick days), a normal working day schedule (no night shifts, although an early start is preferred for time overlap) with some flexibility, 2 weeks off during the holidays in December, and the opportunity to grow and become your best self.

A little more about us:
- We’ve been in business for nearly a decade. Our whole family (some companies call this “their employees”) are remote (mostly in the Philippines). Our longest standing family member has been with us for over 12+ years. Another one of our developers used to be an accountant. We all love what we do.

How to begin
- Your mission, should you choose to accept, is to send us an email with 3 questions you have about this role. If you’re currently in a full-time role and are looking for something new, we’re open to a transition window. We actually care about your happiness.

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