Functionality of RETS Connector plus more, albeit using RESO WEB API technology

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Jan 13, 2023


I have a real estate agency displaying MLS listings on my website. I want to have one computer inside my LAN to fetch the MLS data and make it available for my website to fetch the same data from my local LAN (to maintain a fast website).
We currently use RETS Connector, which is easy to use, however, it doesn't provide all the information needed (excludes room dimensions) that we also require. Our front facing website is WordPress based using Houzez theme and Elementor with

Call Trestle API to get new listings
Using the previous API time as the starting point (so only new listings are pulled from the last time we fetched data/images)
Using the data received, make additional API calls to receive additional data not provided in the first call (room dimensions and/or others, such as documents as needed)
download images from the URL provided information in the API call and save them to the local LAN so front-facing websites can retrieve from quickly
Create delimited file for front-facing websites to retrieve the downloaded data
Delete previous data and images upon the next download so the data and images are only the new information (and don't increasingly take up storage). (This requirement of course is not in logical order as it should be the first thing before a new download)
Make API call two times per hour at a set time (the website importing software is able to import each half hour, so the new data must be available ~ five minutes earlier, with about a 10 minute overlap to ensure no properties are missed) around the clock and rinse and repeat
We must have separate occurrences for different types of property, so for example, Residential listings is one download file, commercial properties another, rentals another etc... There will be about five different downloads that need to occur, and have easy flexibility to add/remove/adjust as the structure/variable names/ and variables change with time.

Make data call to Trestle API to get listing status updates that are not new listings (sold, canceled etc...)
Create data file (same as previous files, except will only have one or two variables) so WordPress site can upload into wordpress DB with the new status

The MLS data provider is Upgrade to see actual info and the website has further information on the API requirements.
Our front facing website is WordPress based using Houzez theme and Elementor

Successful implementation will lead to other offers of web development work. Please provide a one time project quote in your reply.

A successful implementation will mean the front facing WordPress site will be able to retrieve the MLS data, images, and update statuses from LAN files as described above

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