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Feb 08, 2023



We are an Australian pest control company and we are looking for an inside sales TOP PERFORMER! to call our existing clients and do some cold calling too.

Ideal candidate must have experience in selling product/services over the phone to Australian customers. English speaking level must be at the highest!

If you think you are right for this postion and are interested in applying, please send me an email to: Upgrade to see actual info with a voice recording attached of the following script in your recording:
"Good morning Mrs Johnson it’s <Your Name> calling from Federal Pest Control, how are you today? (this is a statement not a question)
Listen, the reason I am calling is that I have Peter working in Robina over the next few days so what I do is just get on the phone and book his work close together so we are not travelling up and down the coast all day, that way we are able to pass that saving back on to you which is approx $50.00.
All of our work comes with a 12 month service warranty on all cockroaches internal ants and external spiders and we offer a 100% money back guarantee so that means if we do something that you are not completely satisfied  with we will give you your money back - how does that sound so far? (this is a statement not a question)
The treatment itself Mrs Johnson is a little different in that we don’t treat a whole lot of surface areas mainly because you mop and wipe it away when you are doing your general cleaning and over a period of months the treatment becomes completely ineffective.
We actually treat where the cockroaches breed and hide and usually those big brown cockroaches - do you know those big brown cockroaches I am talking about ? they will breed and hide inside the wall cavity - so the product is placed where it is out of reach of you and your family, your pets and also your food preparation surfaces so it is really safe and the good news is is that you don’t have to pull anything out of the cupboards - and  there is no mess or smell.
Peter will treat both internally and externally and how we the treat the wall cavity is through the weep holes in the bricks outside the house using a specially designed machine that blows a microfine powder into the void - much like vacuum cleaner in reverse and when that powder settles anything that crosses over  that  treatment will crawl away and die.
We use the same treatment dusting the ceiling void by using the manhole and then inside we do what call a crack and crevice treatment so the technician will treat
- all the seals around the sinks
- all the taps
- all the door hinges
- all the gaps in the walk in robes, cupboards, pantry, drawers, bedside tables
Even the gap in between the window and the window ledge and any other areas that he feels needs to be treated. So the treatment is really extensive.
LET ME WARN YOU the treatment does take a little bit longer for example a 3-4 bedroom home for a full treatment can take anywhere between 1.5-2 hours and it includes your garden shed, letterbox, clothes line, fence lines, wheelie bins and anywhere else you would like to be treated outside for spiders.
HOW BIG IS YOUR HOME? and I will give you an exact price.
REST ASSURED  Mrs Johnson you will receive an excellent treatment, Peter is really good and very thorough and if you need to  call me for any reason here’s my numberUpgrade to see actual infoand ask for (your name) and we will see you on Monday at 11am
Thanks again for your business and we will speak soon"

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