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Jan 27, 2023


This is the place for you if you want to work for one of the best specialised site portfolio firms, produce outstanding work, and receive pay that is much above average for your level of expertise. If you want to live an upper-middle-class lifestyle, this is for you if you're prepared to learn, progress, and improve. My goal is to pay my writers the greatest rates available to match their skills.

This position is a full-time writing position for one of my specialised websites. I have multiple websites, however each of the two roles I'm hiring for will only be responsible for understanding one particular subject.

I'm looking for authors who want to develop with my business over the coming few years and who are talented, competent, and driven. I work.

 I operate differently in that I pay very well as performance is demonstrated. I hired 4 writers in September, 3 of which are still with me, with one being promotion ready to manager. The pay for each person from Sept-Dec (now) has risen 50%, as each person's skill and value have been demonstrated.

I think of the writing that we perform as AI-augmented writing, whereas we use AI in very specific ways to create expert-level, in-depth content. Before any article is written, research and competitive analysis is performed. While no previous knowledge of your writing topic is expected ahead of time, you would be expected to become knowledgeable in the material over time.

1. 4- a year college degree. Master's or graduate degree is nice but not required.
2. Complete or near-complete mastery of English, both written and spoken.

Tools & Resources you get:
Access to our team coach/developer
Access to a suite of writing tools: Jasper, CloserCopy, Grammarly (for business)

The minimum article length is 3,000 words, but 4,000 is typical. Articles can go longer, if needed, as long as the plan is discussed.
By the end of each day, I ask for a 1-2 sentence update on what was completed and what is in progress.
I take writing quality very seriously with a no-tolerance approach to plagiarism.
I prefer those who work for my company do not work anywhere else- I tried this already- the exhaustion leads to burnout and lower-quality work.

When applying, be sure to tell me about yourself, why you think you're qualified, and share links/examples of your writing portfolio.

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