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Full Time


$700 - $1,400 / Month




Dec 04, 2022


Inc. 500 Company needs a Researcher and Administrative Assistant who is Extremely Detail-Oriented, Results-Driven, Quick, Dedicated, Driven, and Creative with Impeccable Organization and Communications Skills to Help Grow the Upgrade to see actual infopany: Rhythm Engineering empowers communities to save lives, save time and money and save the environment through innovative, affordable traffic Upgrade to see actual infos flagship product, In|Sync, is a market-leading real-time adaptive traffic control system enabling traffic signals to adapt to traffic demand Upgrade to see actual infomunities using In|Sync save drivers up to 27 tankers worth of fuel, 33 years of time waiting in traffic, dozens of car crashes, and millions of pounds of harmful emissions for a total economic benefit of up to $8 million each per year per Upgrade to see actual info|Sync is the most widely deployed Adaptive Traffic Control System in the U.S. and is installed at more than 3000 intersections in 155 cities across 34 states in the Upgrade to see actual info is proven by independent studies to help make traffic significantly safer, faster, and cleaner for American motorists.

The headquarters for Rhythm Engineering is in Kansas. The company has a branch in India and another in Sofia, Bulgaria.

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Here’s what you can expect:

You will be working remotely from home or your home office. We will mostly communicate with you via Asana, WhatsApp/text messages, phone/video calls, and audio recordings to assign tasks that need to be done quickly and efficiently.
This is an extremely rewarding position for someone who loves to learn, has a passion for details, and is excited about working with a team that makes the world a better place.

The ideal candidate has these qualities:

# Ability to consistently do Internet Research for finding proposals requests for projects
# You understand what the meaning of “DONE” is - finished, tested, verified, communicated as being completed and a response confirmed
# Excellent writer – with great English spelling and grammar
# Highly organized
# Detail-oriented
# Ability to understand and analyze data
# Enthusiastic and happy
# Reliable & stable
# Self-starter
# Improviser of solutions
# Resourceful
# Takes great notes
# Outstanding listener, pays attention and follows directions
# No “attitude,” even-tempered, manages temper
# Quick learner, wants to study, and LOVES to learn new skills continually
# Multi-tasker
# Ability to convert chaos into order
# Results-driven, take orders and execute without micromanaged
# Loyal, relationship-oriented and relationship-driven
# Great sense of humor and character

Required Skills and Knowledge:

# Exceptional online research skills
# Exceptional verbal and written communication skills
# Exceptional telephone communication skills
# Very detail-oriented
# Understand, analyze and report data (sales, sales activities)
# Asks great questions
# Knows how to find solutions and answers online – excellent research skills (knows Google)
# Fast touch-typing skill


Responsibilities include doing these things or finding outsourced assistance to do them and manage and make sure they’re done properly:

# Research ANYTHING, summarizing findings
# Research multiple Request for Proposal (RFP) websites and find relevant opportunities for Rhythm Engineering to submit proposals. (You will be trained)
# Exceptional and impeccable writing skills are pre-requisite to apply for this position. If your command of English is below par, please do not apply.
# Follow-up and follow-through
# Constantly learning new skills

Work Location:

# Remote - but must be available during early morning and late work hours in the USA Pacific Standard Time to coordinate with the US and Europe
# Full-time, flexible hours but must be accessible during weekdays.

Hours required:

# 40+ per week; full time

Time required for availability:

# We mostly operate out of Arizona, Kansas City, and Orlando.
# Flexibility as long as you’re responsive and get your work done and let me know in advance when you won’t be available
# Most communication will be through WhatsApp, Email, and other online tools.

Primary Qualities Desired in YOU:

1. My #1 rule: your family and your health come FIRST. As long as you let me know what’s going on so I can manage expectations, you can take care of your family, and I strongly and highly support you taking care of your health too. You’ll be happier and perform better in every part of your life!

2. Clearly understand what DONE means. That means it’s finished, quality-controlled, delivered, I know it’s done, and has responded as being “received and accepted.” Sending an email with a link doesn’t mean DONE.

3. Know how to “think” and make pragmatic decisions. If you’re an order-taker who needs things “just so” and in a linear order and needs constant direction or supervision, this is NOT the right job for you. You’ve got to be an improviser and problem-solver.

4. Are responsible - shows up and keeps me informed CONSTANTLY of results.

5. Is absolutely dedicated and committed to learning new skills and constantly wants to improve their life (bonus if you’ve studied or attended Tony Robbins events, are a graduate of Landmark Forum, or a similar personal growth course).

6. Consistency. Consistent behavior and consistent performance are very important to me. Your ability to create workflows and schedule yourself to perform specific, consistent tasks, consistently are critical to our success.

To apply for this position:

1. Take a survey here: Upgrade to see actual info

2. Answer the following questions with a subject line: “You found your next researcher!”

a) What’s your “superpower”? What makes you uniquely qualified to do this job?

b) Looking back at your last two positions, what were the most significant results you feel you brought to the team, and how did you measure your success?

c) Describe how you document your work, systems, process, or workflow. What software, systems, resources, or strategies have you used in the past?

d) How would you describe your work style? How do you prioritize your tasks and manage stress?

e) What kinds of project management software have you used in the past? When do you know a project or task is fully completed?

f) How do you determine whether something you are doing is of an appropriate quality?

g) Describe the worst boss you’ve ever had and why they were so horrible.

h) Describe the best boss you’ve ever had and why they were so great.

i) What would you do differently if you could start your career over again?

j) Where do you see yourself in 3 or 5 years? What would you be doing that would be really satisfying personally and professionally?


Office & Admin (Virtual Assistant)
Research Project Coordinator Data Entry
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