Home Buying Telemarketer

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SALARY $5.50hr and $50.00 bonus per property we purchase.




Nov 21, 2022


As an Home Buying Telemarketer your role will be focused on identifying, contacting, and negotiating the purchase of properties on behalf of our company.

You will do this by:

Contracting homes for our company to purchase
Researching and contacting home owners
Exploring home owner's underlying reasons for selling
Demonstrating to sellers the benefits of selling to us
Determine a home's renovation cost

Below are the key functions of this Role:

Cold Calling the majority of your shift, answering incoming calls from our marketing campaigns.
Launching marketing campaings
Text messaging
Identifying target clients who own distressed homes.
Connecting with homeowners about selling their properties.
Prospecting via social media, emailing, online, networking, and other means.
Gathering client information and setting up appointments to purchase distressed properties.
Creating and presenting proposals and purchase agreements to home sellers.
Overcoming objections in high pressure negotiations.
Following up with and nurturing leads in "a Pipeline" throughout the acquisition process.
Generating referrals from clients within a city area.
Understanding the acquisition process and guiding clients through our process.
Learning and understanding the current real estate market (will learn on job).
Being a team player; must be resourceful, likable, risk-taking, and pleasant to work with.


A fast starter and able to use their people skills and talents to build a lasting Upgrade to see actual infon follow instructions and is detail oriented.
You enjoy meeting with people and "uncovering their story". You're able to hear a story and help people solve a Upgrade to see actual infocisive and proactive.
A professional who understands that success comes through hard work and tenacity and helping meet the needs of our seller and our Upgrade to see actual infolf Starter/Self Leader who is highly motivated by serving others.
Must be able to build others and work as a team player.
Must be able to manage leads and follow up with prospects.
Must be a team player and get along with the other Upgrade to see actual infopensation:
First 30 day Trial Period Pay: $4.50 per hr and $20.00 bonus for every property lead you generate that we purchase.
After 30 day Trial Period Pay: $5.50 per hr and $40.00 for every property lead you generate that we purchase.

Please note this is a part time position that will have the option to turn into full time in the future.

***Must be able to talk with an english accent and speak very good english.
****Please send link to voice recording when you reply to this email.
***Hours for this position are 5pm-9pm Est Time, pick your own days off.

Sales and Marketing
Telemarketing Lead Generation
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