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Nov 17, 2022


We are looking for experienced and reliable web developers to work with us on a long-term basis (full-time, part-time, or per project). We have a small defined WordPress plugin development project as a test that we are using to find the right developers.

Are you experienced in WordPress plugin development, API development, and web speed optimization for wordpress and shopify?

Please include your related experience to each of these three areas and include git repos or link to projects with an explanation of what you did and how long it took in dev hours.

We will be evaluating you based on the quality and documentation of your code, how you understood the goals and specs of the project, your frequency and clarity of communication, time to delivery, and hours spend to complete the work.

The test task will be:
Create a custom plugin that will be an extension to Gravity Forms to add the "Cover processing fees" product to any gravity form.
Video screenshare with specs for this plugin: Upgrade to see actual info

The plugin will collect the subtotal of all product fields in any gravity forms, add a calculation of processing fees (3% + $0.30) and then add a checkbox field for visitors to have the option to add the cost of processing fees to their order.
When checked, a calculated product will be added to the Upgrade to see actual info should be created as a plugin with a new custom gravity form field that can be added to any form.

Have a settings menu with configurable settings sitewide for the processing fee, and settings on the form field itself to:
Have a settings menu with configurable settings sitewide for the processing fee, and settings on the form field itself to:
Select which product fields to calculate for the transaction fee
Choose wording for the checkbox to accept the transaction fee
The language in the checkbox should also include the live amount of the calculated rate
We currently accomplish this functionality by adding some custom fields, jQuery and use other 3rd party gravity form extension plugins to to add the "cover our processing fees" checkbox feature on payment forms.
We want this turned into a plugin that can be easily configured for a non-technical Upgrade to see actual infoe form feature to cover processing fees here that we have already built: Upgrade to see actual info and a similar plugin here: Upgrade to see actual info this one will be an addon for gravity forms

Have you built something like this before, how many hours it would take you to develop the plugin?
What kind of work and availability you are open to for the long term? 
We work on PST US hours and will need you to work those hours.

You can also fill out the application to work with us on our website to get started: Upgrade to see actual info

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