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PHP 33,000 - 42,000 (Depends on experience)




Nov 16, 2022


HomeHelpersAmerica is a real estate company looking for members to grow their careers and skills. We are looking for someone who will be up for the challenge and can do above and beyond.

• Reach out to leads to pitch for the clients/lead the services that the company offers.
• Answer phone calls, texts, and e-mails, to schedule new and existing leads and
remind them of upcoming appointments
- Sending batch messages to potential home “Sellers.”
- Sending follow-up text messages to “Sellers.”
- Generating leads to be handed over to Lead Managers.
- Responding to sellers’ inquiries.
- Utilizing and managing quick replies
- Utilizing and rotating initial and follow-up templates
- Identifying opportunities and pushing leads through the sales funnel
- Rotating phone numbers in order to maintain acceptable deliverability levels
- Managing and maintaining the SMS system as a whole
•Disposition Manager to facilitate the marketing, negotiation, and sale of property held by and controlled by the company.
•Responsible for the development and implementation of the company’s pricing strategies, price execution, and overall price management.
•Attention to detail, a high aptitude for sales and negotiation, organization, and excellent communication skills.
•Oversee and manage a high volume of projects successfully with very little or no direction.

• Strong organizational and conversational skills.
• PREVIOUS experience in cold calling or being a VA is a MUST (at least 1 year)
• Background with REAL ESTATE (It is a plus but not required)
• Strong affinity for customer service
• Strong knowledge of Google Suite platform as this is the primary tool we use
• Working knowledge of office management and filing systems
• Excellent organisational and time-management skills
- Patience and willingness to follow processes
- Great attention to detail, with superb organizational skills
- Technological competence
- Must be coachable
- Multitasking
•1–3 years of direct sales experience
• Real estate experience is preferred but not required
•Excellent at building rapport

*******About our Company
Home Helpers America is a newly formed company rebranded from House Doctor Solutions. We help distressed homeowners find solutions to their properties and source off-market deals nationwide to third parties. We are engaged in our first phase of expansion and are recruiting to quickly scale our operations.

***Our Mission: To provide the fastest hassle-free property solutions to as many homeowners as possible, through the provision of our core values to deliver the ultimate customer service experience.

***Our Vision: To be the most well-known, loved, and innovative real estate solutions professionals through outstanding achieving service.

(Thanks for reading thoroughly - On your application list a few dreams/goals you would like to accomplish - how do you see yourself in the next 30 years with our company and on the personal side)

***Our Values
Unimpeachable Character: Be the type of person with whom people are always proud to associate, on and off the field.

Sincere Candor: Have the self-awareness to accurately perceive and communicate hard truths that improve others and Upgrade to see actual infopetitive Greatness: Be at your best when your best is needed. Enjoyment of a hard Upgrade to see actual info’s doing what our competition won’t do. Giving customer service that is noteworthy. Doing it right no matter the short-term Upgrade to see actual info’s going that extra mile that truly sets us apart.

Speed is King: Be quick. Ready, Aim, Fire. Speed is the number one currency in business relationships. SPEED is more important than perfection. Too many opportunities are missed because a project took too long. A good plan executed now is better than a perfect plan executed next week. Because what works now might not work next week.

Grow Or Die: Learn fast, fail fast, try again. That’s how you grow. You are either growing (making progress) or dying (stagnation/decline of progress) there is no in-between. As a company, we are always ahead of the market even if only by a few steps. Without that edge, we die.

Be Your Own Boss: Hold YOURSELF to a higher standard than anyone else would ask of you. Manage your own time and resources and OWN your decisions and outcomes as if this were your company. Make decisions that can make the company better. When we all be our own boss, the company thrives.

Do the Impossible: Think innovatively outside the box; act unconventionally. Go beyond conventional limits of productivity and creativity in every aspect. This condition opens new doors for the company to improve its Upgrade to see actual infond the following on the application:

1) Latest Resume
2) Quick Video intro (with your voice)
3) Test Result from - Upgrade to see actual info/

Send the following to Upgrade to see actual info

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