Google Ads Master for eCommerce (Women's Fashion)

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Negotiable, but we will make sure it is a sustainable, long term and livable wage




Nov 30, 2022


Hey! Look, we get it.

Finding a good job is tough, right?

Well, believe it or not, but finding that special someone to join our team is REALLY hard too.

Could you be the one we’re looking for?

Are you a kind, positive and reliable person with a proven track record of high performance in the workplace?

Are you looking to find a stable, healthy collaborative workplace with team mates who are dedicated to excellence and managers who really care for you?

If so, you, and our growing eCommerce company, could be a match made in heaven.

When we find special people, we really look after them and hope to do the same for you.


• Learn new skills (see below)
• Money (obviously)..... Regular, reliable pay i.e. we’ve NEVER missed a payment
• 13th month pay (based on number of months worked)
• Statutory holidays off
• 10 days paid time off
• Be treated well, listened to and have regular access to your manager
• A growing team (we have 7 teaUpgrade to see actual infombers from PH)
• Work remotely
• A good vibe :)


• Above The Line
Ownership, Accountability & Responsibility (O.A.R.) NOT Blame, Excuses & Denial (B.E.D.)

• Kindness
We have respect for other people and their feelings

• Progress
We look for ways to progress, improve, grow & learn.

• Initiative
We assess and initiate things independently. We have the power or opportunity to act & take charge before others do.

• G.R.I.T.
[G] GOAL-ORIENTED: We set & meet short & long term goals proactively --- [R] RESILIENT: We have a strong sense of unwavering purpose & determination --- [I] INDUSTRIOUS: We are diligent, hard-working & methodical --- [T] THOROUGH: Our work is done carefully and completely

• Flexibility
We cope with changes in circumstances and think about problems and tasks in novel, creative ways. When stressors or unexpected events occur, we are able to change our stance, outlook, or commitment.


1) DETAIL ORIENTED: Attention to detail is an absolute MUST. Did you notice the 4 intentional mistakes in this job ad? (Please don't apply if you have ever been told you have low attention to detail.)

2) EXTREMELY HONEST: We value people who are honest and trustwurthy

3) COMMUNICATIVE: Making sure we’re in the loop with what is going on with you is super important. Better to over-communicate than under-communicate.

4) HARD-WORKING: We want people who will show up motivated and do the job with excellence, confidence, and a "can-do" attitude.

5) EAGER TO LEARN AND TRAINABLE: We want people who are eager to learn, trainable, can follow directions and instructions whilst understanding new concepts and systems quickly.

6) ON TIME: We do not tolerate people who are late or absent without contakt.

7) POSITIVE: We want to work with people who are plesant to work with and can work in a team environment.

8) A TEAM PLAYER: You will be working in a team environment, and the success of the company hinges on how well the team gets along and can help each other grow.

10) LONG TERM MINDED: We want people who are looking for long term positions, so no job hoppers, scammers or time-wasters please.

11) SPEAK PERFECT ENGLISH: Or 9 out of 10 English at least. Ideal if you have spent time teaching English.

12) SELF AWARE: You are able to understand and manage your own emotions, and accurately assess other's emotions.


• Launching, optimising and managing Google Ads
• Ideating, implementing and executing advanced media buying strategies for top, middle and bottom of funnel
• Analysing the data to find opportunities for improvement and implementing any findings
• Writing high CTR headlines and ad copy
• Fully understand and adhere to all Google Terms of Service and Advertising Guidelines
• Setting up reporting dashboards, to improve visibility of performance
• Use Wicked Reports for additional data driven decision making
• Stay organised through using ClickUp and our internal guidance systems
• Supporting and communicating with the team to ensure we are all coordinated
• Administration and recurring daily tasks
• Other tasks as directed and as you are given more responsibility & show ambition
• Being the best at what you do and achieving your goals

IMPORTANT: In your application you must tell us as much as you can about your experience and the results you have driven with Google ads


- High speed, reliable internet
- Fluent, excellent written English (This is very important)
- Eagerness and ability to learn quickly

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*** all hiring considerations will be given to those who follow the instructions (Click Link Above) ***
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