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Nov 23, 2022


Ascend Group is Singapore's premier boutique digital marketing group. We are a digital marketing agency, academy, and SaaS company.
We live and breathe marketing. We are most known for producing industry-leading video ads. We script, produce, edit, and publish video ads that have generated over 100M views and over 8-figures in combined revenue for our clients and students.
Here’s what makes us different from most companies:
1. We are 100% remote. We have teaUpgrade to see actual infombers from all over the region and we work as a team. #nomorebeingstuckinanoffice
2. We are results-driven. There is no glory in taking 12 hours to complete a task when 4 hours is enough to do a great job. We value results, not effort.
3. Zero tolerance on office politics. We’re here to get work done and create work we’re proud of, not gossip – keep that to celebrity blogs.
4. We are lifelong learners. If you never read a book since finishing university years ago… this company won’t be your cup of Upgrade to see actual infolf-improvement, upskilling, and being the best in our industry are things all our teaUpgrade to see actual infombers work towards. All teaUpgrade to see actual infombers get access to our learning library which is filled with the industry’s most popular courses. If there’s a course they want to get, chances are we’ll get it for them.
5. Unlimited vacation leave. Say WHAT?! Terms and conditions apply, of course. We empower our teaUpgrade to see actual infombers who have gone above and beyond to take a rest whenever they need it.
If you feel even slightly uncomfortable reading this, don’t Upgrade to see actual inforiously. Don’t. You can click Upgrade to see actual infow. I’ll wait.
Still here?
Ok, carrying on.
* To change the world by empowering small businesses with digital marketing. Small businesses are the backbone of every economy. They are responsible for most jobs and trade in every country. By helping small businesses to grow, we help impact and support the livelihoods of more families around the Upgrade to see actual info we provide
* Digital marketing services including copywriting, design, production, media buying
* Digital marketing training and coaching
* Digital marketing automation through our software, Salesable
What working in Ascend is like
1. We form a team to work towards the same goal.
2. We push and train each other to become a STAR player.
3. We love each other like family.
4. And we honor results and performance to stay in the team!
Simply put, we see and treat our team like a sports team.

We are looking for Video Editor, and the main role is assembling video footage and translating vision into highly converting and captivating videos through modern video editing techniques. Performing the full range of editing works including but not limited to splicing, sound balancing, color correction, color grading and effects using modern editing techniques.

The role encompasses the following task:
Editing raw footage content and cutting video sequences to ensure that concepts are translated Upgrade to see actual infoanising and managing all audio and video assets to ensure a smooth workflow
Reviewing all edited tapes to identify any issues and recommending changes as required
Research & prepare briefs for each project and present editing ideas to all the relevant stakeholders.
Planning and creating storyboards and shortlist based on video script

The future Video Editor should take the following initiatives:

Continuously discover and implement new editing technologies and industry’s best practices to maximize efficiency.
Providing advice and guidance on the aesthetic & usability of output
Assist others for creative thinking as well as brainstorming sessions.
Manage utilization and archive of all project assets
Improve existing assets and processes by making suggestions, provide updated assets and implement approved changes.
Documenting and updating processes into Standard Operating Procedures.

This position is ideal for with previous work experience as a video editor.
Highly proficient and experienced with editing software, including Adobe After Effects, Final Cut, Photoshop, and Premier.
Possesses creative and artistic skills and are able to tell a story through editing
Familiarity with 3D composition and special effects.
Ability to translate ideas into complete projects.

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