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Nov 10, 2022


Do you have attention to detail and a good work ethic?


- Virtual Assistant needed.
- Detail-Oriented is a MUST.
- Able to follow instructions.
- 100?countability via Hubstaff.
- Top End Work Ethic.

- SEO (The Main Job)
- Understanding how content spinners work - or willing to learn.
- Understanding how backlinking works - or willing to learn.

- 5-Star English speaking, reading and writing.
- Grammar is a must.
- Quality Checking with absolute attention to detail.

- WEB WORK (Beneficial but not a must)
- WordPress,
- cPanel
- other Webmaster related tasks
- You should have the computer and internet connection needed to do your job.

- Possible Live chat and level 1 customer service.
- Assist our team when things are busy.

- Starting on an hourly rate with a view to a permanent position in the future.
- Hubstaff is a non-negotiable, you do your own work or you don't.

- Project Management skills would be a great bonus
- The ability to self-manage workload and keep yourself busy when nothing is assigned.

- Currency is only referred to in Pesos, if you talk in USD it will be assumed you didn't read this entire post.
- Remuneration will be by our predetermined pay-scale Levels.
- I pay either in Cryptocurrency via Binance Wallet or via Paypal.


- About Me -
I have been in the web industry since 2010. I have used this site many times. I do the right thing for other people and expect the same in return. I am a family man, my family is my Upgrade to see actual info business I take my time, you will by no means get a full-time role with my company right away, I have a long history here and know who I am looking for.

- My Values -
1. Honesty
2. Hard Work
3. Attention to detail
4. Optimism
5. Humility

- About You -
You should be a healthy person with good habits. You should know the value of sleeping well and eating quality food. You value your work because you enjoy what you do. You don’t make excuses, you own your mistakes and learn from them. You know how to follow instructions, and use checklists and operating procedures.
Your English should be good enough to have a clear conversation with me on Skype or zoom when needed.

- Work -
I work hard. I expect you to do the same. I need someone with a vision for the future.
You will work alongside me, be online and work when I am working. Even sometimes when I am not.
If you look after me I will look after you. You need to be willing to do the boring work too. If there is a task that is not too exciting I need you to be able to get into it and just get it done with an eye for detail, missing nothing.

There are no shortcuts. You need to be detail-oriented and follow instructions. I need someone who ensures a job is done right the first time, I hate having to go over people's work. I will not put up with constant poor-quality work that makes the team look Upgrade to see actual infol me in your application email subject that you either love or hate bananas and I will know you have actually read my job posting and thought properly about the position. Otherwise, I will surely delete your application just like 80% of the others. Those people sometimes even email me asking why I did not reply! Hah! I reply "For the same reason you didn't you read my whole job listing". And this extra part at the end of my paragraph is to ensure my hidden reference is well hidden in the text so that we get top-quality people through to the next round of our process.

- Final notes -
1. I value Character over Skills, If you don't have -ALL- of the skills above that's ok, talk with me about what you can and can't do.
2. If you are not in the Philippines don't bother responding - I won't work with someone who misleads people.

So, let's talk soon.


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Quality Assurance
Ghost Writing
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