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Oct 08, 2022


I am looking for an experienced blog writer to help write content in a growing SEO agency based in the Upgrade to see actual info’s all about marketing, networking, and educating and I need someone who can jump in and grow with us.

Salaried 20 hours per week to start, with pay based on ability level and experience. Lots of room to expand to a more full-time position as you and the company grow.

This is a high-growth potential position for a growth-oriented person, even if you don’t have much relevant experience – you will learn more here in 3 months than you will in a year in most places if you apply yourself. The faster and more you learn and grow, the more I can focus on the activities that will grow and scale the company (and then expand your hours, pay, & role!).

If you’re a podcast junkie, love reading books, wish you had more time to keep up with all your favorite newsletters and twitter threads, take a lot of online courses, or any combination thereof (or similar), you’ll probably fit right in at our company and be interested in our open opportunity!

We’re building an asynchronous, performance-oriented culture. We don’t do a lot of meetings, and we don’t really care what hours you work as long as deadlines are being met.

While there will ultimately not be a lot of meetings (we are working on building Notion systems & using Loom to eliminate a lot of unnecessary meetings), you must semi-regularly be available for some overlap with Pacific Standard Time normal working hours in the beginning .

You will be responsible for:
Creating, updating, executing, and maintaining internal and external processes & systems to make sure they run efficiently and effectively – keeping tasks up to date, following up with people, creating more efficient ways to run things, etc.

Creating compelling SEO content that ranks. Don’t worry if you don’t have a mastery of SEO, as long as you’re a good and efficient writer with great written English, you’ll do Upgrade to see actual infoainstorming and building new systems and processes to delight our clients and expand our offerings

Requirements & Preferences:

Please note, do not be scared off by any preferences! I care much more about your character than your experience. I’m looking for someone to stick around long-term and grow with the company.

REQUIRED: Native English Speaker (written)
REQUIRED: A strong attention to detail (any response that doesn’t start with “detail” in all capitals, spelled backward will be immediately ignored)
REQUIRED: Must be a strong self-starter with a major love for learning. I hate being micromanaged and hate having to micromanage other people
REQUIRED: You are a strong communicator who constantly seeks to take ownership instead of blaming others. Ideally, you will generally have strong people skills in general.
PREFERRED: Ideally, you will have at least some background knowledge or experience with task management systems and frameworks like Trello, Asana, or Notion (the one we use), as well as creating or improving SOPs. Giant bonus points if you’re a productivity nerd, GTD’er, or follow some other type of productivity/PKM framework (if you know what either of those acronyms are without Googling them, I love you already).
PREFERRED: Ideally, you will have at least a passing familiarity with core SEO blogging concepts, and know how to efficiently research and write articles. We will be providing SEO outlines for most new content, especially in the beginning, so even just some SEO basics (when/how to use subheaders for example) is Upgrade to see actual infote that candidates MUST be technologically savvy. We are a 100% remote company & use technology a lot and this is what’s going to keep us moving forward together. I’m going to give 100% to make sure you’re one of the team and you’re set up for success so we can crush it together.

Some availability to overlap with US timezones will be essential for certain meetings and tasks, but we have very few meetings & most tasks can be completed at whatever times are most convenient for you.

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