Global team searching for data analytics / data science wizard to be our Data & Analytics Manager!

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Full Time


Competitive AUD monthly salary




Oct 03, 2022


Freedom Over When, Where & How You Work - Paid Holidays Whenever You Like - Monthly Salary + Quarterly Bonus - No Time Tracking - Choose Your Own Hours - Rapid Growth in New and Existing Data Analytics Skills - International Team - Opportunity For Growth

Develop our Analytics Function and Make a Dent in the Universe Helping Our Clients Accelerate Health Research!


- 100% remote, forever. Travel & relocation friendly.
-Work asynchronously, and have complete control over your schedule.
-Minimal meeting culture.
-Unlimited holidays, 3-week minimum.
-Develop our data and analytics function in a small but rapidly growing company.
-Work collaboratively with all areas of our business.
-Make a difference, and solve the biggest problem facing health researchers.
-Work with world-renowned clients such as AstraZeneca, Bayer, Abbvie, Harvard, Yale, Stanford, and many more.

HELLO!—we’re Trialfacts, a remote entrepreneurial company, and without us, a lot of health and medical research would not be possible. We’re searching for a Data & Analytics Manager to help our team solve our clients’ biggest problem. If you’re looking for a position where you can set your own hours, take holidays as you see fit, work remotely from home or anywhere in the world, use your experience to help us develop our analytics and reporting, and help medical research succeed, then please read on.

Today’s highly sophisticated medical system has added nearly 20 years of life expectancy, reduced infant mortality by 90% and maternal mortality by 99%. Polio, leprosy, smallpox, and tuberculosis are practically eradicated, even in the poorest countries in the world. Vaccines have greatly reduced the impact of COVID (and we assisted Moderna COVID vaccine studies in the US). There’s plenty of room for improvement, but advances in health that have been achieved over the past 20 years are due to new medications, medical devices and understanding developed through health research.

Our clients—academic institutions, biotech, pharma and others are working hard to continue to develop treatments and devices, increase our understanding, eradicate sickness and improve quality of life. Their biggest challenge is spending half of their time searching for and never being able to recruit enough of the participants required for their health research. Some of our clients include AstraZeneca, Bayer, Brown University, Duke University, Harvard, Johns Hopkins University, Joslin Diabetes Centre, Mount Sinai Hospital, Stanford University, the University of Oxford, the University of Sydney, the University of Melbourne, the Westmead Institute for Medical Research, and Yale.

Our company—Trialfacts (check out our under-construction new website here), removes the biggest hurdle and frustration to conducting their research, by recruiting the participants they require for their health research (and many times thereby saving their research). We do this by using digital advertising and our participant database in a unique strategy that guarantees reliable recruitment within a realistic study budget. We believe that health research is crucial to the advancement and wellbeing of humanity and we’re on a mission to positively impact 1 million people through participation in research, by 2030.


Visualize– As an advertising, health database and patient screening company we handle a lot of data. And as health researchers, so do our clients. We’ve been able to get by using spreadsheets and native analytics packages but the amount of data and data sources has been growing quickly. We’ve reached the point where we need someone to pull it all together and create reports and dashboards in Data Studio that uncover and communicate insights internally and to our clients. We need someone to create tools and assets that aid in analysis, and decision-making, and create efficiency in our processes. We’re looking for someone who understands the principles of good visualization, cares about design and the user experience of reports and dashboards, and is driven by creating value through analytics.

Model– We use Funnel to do the heavy lifting of connecting to our data sources as well as grouping, cleaning and mapping our data. But it’s been a long road for us to make the progress we have, and we could really benefit from someone with the right experience taking responsibility for ensuring our data is modeled correctly, is proficient in SQL and can establish our data warehouse (we think BigQuery probably makes sense for us), and can help us take the next step in our evolution towards being a data-driven company.

Collaborate– In this role you’ll need to work closely with people from different areas of our business. You’ll need to be effective at understanding their workflows, challenges and priorities, and creating tools, designing visualizations, and, completing analysis that makes them more effective in their role. You’ll need to be great at communicating, continuously seeking feedback, and enjoy the process of collaboration. We’re looking for someone that cares more about the usefulness of their work than the analytical process.

Manage– As a small and remote company we need all of our teaUpgrade to see actual infombers to be able to work autonomously. You’ll be our first data hire, and part of our small tech team which consists of our developer Andro and is currently managed by our CEO Nick. We need someone who is proactive and can seek out and collaborate with colleagues from other teams, is ruthlessly pragmatic, and is constantly cognisant of the relationship between time invested in a project and the value that project will create. As our first data hire, we’re looking for someone who can potentially step up into a manager role and join our leadership team as we grow.


Autonomy — We don’t have set working hours. We don’t have a leave application process (you can take paid holidays whenever you want). We don’t micromanage or babysit. You’ll be accountable to the rest of the team purely on your results, and not on the number of hours spent working.

Our team is 100% remote, always has been and was long before the pandemic, and we always will be. We communicate via Slack and Zoom. We set our own hours based on what works for each of us. As long as you have a good internet connection you can work from wherever in the world you Upgrade to see actual infonovation — We’re the first company in our industry to guarantee our results. This is accomplished through our Due Diligence Analysis process as we seek to provide predictability and certainty in a volatile industry. We’re constantly looking to improve our data-driven approach and provide more certainty to our clients to allow them to successfully reach their goals. As researchers, our clients care deeply about data, and there’s a huge opportunity for us to create significant value and wow our clients through clever use and great presentation of Upgrade to see actual infote: These links go to pages on our new website which is still under construction.

Impact — Trialfacts plays an extremely important role in contributing to medical research and driving humanity forward. Our clients—researchers working at universities, pharmaceutical companies, biotech companies, natural medicine companies, hospitals and medical practices—work hard to develop treatments and technology that cure diseases and improve quality of life.

Growth — As a member of a small but rapidly growing company you'll be given the opportunity to learn new skills and experiment in new areas, as well as progress and build on what you already know. You'll have access to courses and training programs of your choice, paid for by Trialfacts.

Opportunity — As a small and innovative team we’ve done away with outdated corporate thinking like the physical office, micromanaging and bureaucratic leave processes, but we haven’t thrown the baby out with the bathwater. We offer a flexible work environment, quarterly bonus (based on company performance), a personal and tailored development plan reviewed with you every three months, and continued opportunities for professional growth.

We’re growing rapidly and we're excited to have someone join the team that will be focusing exclusively on developing our analytics and reporting, helping us to expand our footprint and meet our vision of positively impacting 1 million people through participation in research, by 2030. The future looks optimistic as we continue to improve and expand on our core service.


Nick Karrasch, CEO —I’m an Australian currently living in Brisbane, after spending the last 15 years living in six cities in Australia and Canada. I started Trialfacts, and also previously founded a business and sales funnel automation consultancy. I know a little bit about data science, and am passionate about medical research, entrepreneurship, learning, futurology, running and psychology. My weaknesses include craft beer, good coffee, moving cities every three years, and a nerdy love of hard sci-fi and rational Upgrade to see actual infolinda Gomez, Integrator — Melinda is responsible for overseeing all areas of the business and is concurrently leading the sales team. With a background in sales, client services, and operations, she enjoys implementing new strategies and interacting with clients from around the globe. She is originally from Boston, Massachusetts but is currently enrolled in an MBA program in Lisbon, Portugal. She loves to travel, and during some of her favorite trips she has visited filming locations for Game of Thrones, snorkelled with manatees, and practised flyboarding.

Andro Marces, Junior Web Developer— Andro is our Tech Wizard who makes sure everything runs smoothly across all the software we use, catching bugs before they happen and ensuring the team can do their jobs with ease. At any one time, he also works on a number of development projects to enable Trialfacts to stay at the forefront of innovation. Andro is from Davao City, Philippines and has a background in seafaring. He is committed to his health (on most afternoons you’ll find him at the gym) and loves travelling and trying out new things or just geeking out over new sci-fi movies and tech.

"What I like most about working here at Trialfacts is the flexibility to work wherever you want and in your own pace. Work-life balance is pretty much a given, something that I never really had before in my previous work. There's plenty of room to grow and sharpen your skills. You get to pitch in your ideas, big and small. You learn new things and that's something that is continuous here."

Sam Peters, Advertising Specialist Lead - Sam oversees our advertising efforts across a variety of platforms. Utilizing new and exciting advertising methods, combining IRB approved materials, and leveraging the power of social media to find the precise audiences required. Sam has worked with and grown a variety of different brands around the world through both paid and organic marketing, and also curating brand visions and voices to attract their ideal clients and customers. Sam is currently based in Georgia, however he continues to explore the planet nomadically.

"I'm excited to work at Upgrade to see actual info's awe-inspiring to be able to play my part in advancing medical research, knowing that we’re connecting the necessary people to potentially life-changing research.”

Bernadette Galimba, Senior Research Analyst — As a part of the Due Diligence team, Bernadette analyzes clients’ eligibility criteria, recruitment processes, and challenges to come up with pass rate estimates and guarantees that are backed-up by data from Trialfacts’ experience and thorough research. Bernadette is living in the town of Los Banos in the province of Laguna, Philippines. She loves mountains, the sound of ocean waves, coffee, urban gardening, and reading crime thrillers. She dreams of retiring in a farm or a beach house where life is simple and surrounded by nature.

“What I love about working with the Trialfacts team is the high level of professionalism from each member despite us being 100% remote. We are all given the freedom to choose how and when we work, and this flexible working environment is very conducive for bringing out the best in each of us.”


Have data analytics experience— as our first data hire we need someone who has the experience to guide us in the right direction and help us establish and develop our analytics function. We need someone who understands best practices, can make good long-range decisions but still loves to get their hands dirty.

Have a passion for enabling others to make data-driven decisions— Throughout our company our approach is a data-driven one. This role will involve analysis and communicating insights, but we’ll need you to also be passionate about creating and giving others the tools to efficiently analyze and interpret data to make better Upgrade to see actual infon work autonomously and keep yourself accountable— as part of a small company with limited resources, we need someone who is continuously aware of the amount of time invested in a project versus its expected value to the company, and avoids going down rabbit holes that won’t deliver commensurate value. Often the simpler solution is a better investment than the more technically interesting one.

Are an excellent communicator— analytics touches every part of our company and as part of a remote team you will need to have both excellent verbal and written communication to effectively collaborate. You’re articulate, a good listener, and ask great questions.

Have previously worked in a small company or startup— we’re a small company (~30 people) and so we’re looking for someone that has experience working in a small company or startup environment and understands the challenges that come with it. This means you’re not afraid to roll up your sleeves and get things done yourself. You’re able to develop new processes for things that currently don’t have them, and you’re incredibly resourceful - people or budget constraints don’t faze Upgrade to see actual infore about the details— as researchers collecting data our clients care about the details, and so do we. Analytics is all about accuracy, as sometimes small errors can have big consequences.

Are flexible— in a small entrepreneurial business, we sometimes have to wear different hats. We're looking for someone that takes ownership and wants to help grow our company. If you're the kind of person who would rather sit back and say "that's not my responsibility" then please don't apply.

Love learning— we're a team that's driven by learning and improving. We're looking for someone who wants to learn and develop their professional skills, grow as a person and constantly improve the service that we provide.

Are results-driven— You get the job done when you say you will.


Yes, this position description is so long that it needs a summary! Here are the facts:

Set your own hours: Choose when and how you work, but there needs to be some flexibility to have training and meetings. This is a full-time position.

Work remotely: We’re a remote team located around the globe, and always will be. You can live anywhere or travel with this position. You will need a reliable internet connection.

Results-based environment: You’ll be evaluated based on your results and will not be Upgrade to see actual infomitment to learning: We believe in continuous improvement and growth. External resources, courses, and training programs are paid for by Trialfacts.

Contribute something meaningful to the world: We make a lot of health research possible that would otherwise fail, and remove the #1 headache faced by researchers in a predictable and reliable manner, backed by our money-back Upgrade to see actual infopensation: Salary plus quarterly company bonus.


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Follow the application instructions. Please note that in addition to interviews, this hiring process will involve a small number of short assessments similar to some of the work to be completed in the role.

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