Vacant Land Researcher & Listing (Real Estate) Partial US Hours

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Oct 08, 2022


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**Previous Experience Required: Real Estate Listing OR Property Research**

We are looking for an organized, accurate, and fast worker who can do research and property listing on vacant land in the US.

You will be assigned to quickly find out a number of things about each property, for example: access to power, building restrictions, and property taxes. Property research will require making calls to the USA so availability in the late evening is required. (11PM Manila is 8AM in California).


- You must be able to speak fluent English in order to make phone calls to county offices.
- You should be proficient at finding information using google and navigating websites quickly.
- You must be resourceful and easy to work with.
- Able to provide accurate information and have an eye for the details
- Experience with Real Estate and listing
- Experience with Gsuite
- Fast internet
- Backup solution in the event of power outage

Relevant Skills we will prioritize:

- Phone experience
- E-commerce listing experience
- An eye for what makes a good listing image.
- Marketing or Copy Writing
- Photo Editing, Photoshop
- CRMs

Job summary:

We will be sending offers to buy land in the mail to the land owners. Once they reply to us with an intent to sell we begin our research phase (due diligence). Management will review the property and check the value. Once we know we are interested in buying, we will task you to research the property and complete "initial due diligence". You will complete this quickly and provide a report. If we dUpgrade to see actual info to buy we will task you with additional research (full due diligence) and to creating a listing for the property, gathering screenshots of maps and information, creating a listing description, and putting together a final report we call an "Info Sheet".

Once properties are listed you will be responsible for updating listings, changing prices, and sending updates to leads.

We communicate using Gmail, Slack, & Trello. We need you to be able to keep us updated on your work daily and communicate frequently with the team in order to accomplish our goals.

How to Apply:

Send us a short application here or to our email explaining why you are the researcher we are looking Upgrade to see actual infoclude:
- Relevant Job Experience
- Relevant Skills
- Voice Sample
- When you are available to start

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