Podcast Producer Wanted!

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$500-$700 F/T




Oct 07, 2022


This will initially be part-time, approximately up to 20 hours, with the opportunity to increase to full-time for the right person after a successful trial period.

There will also be the opportunity to receive a month's bonus pay every 12 months.

There will be the opportunity to increase the p/h rate as you take on more responsibilities over time.

You will be doing a variety of tasks, almost all of which will be taught to you by my existing team of Filipino VA's.

Somethings I have in mind for you to do in the immediate future are:

* Edit podcasts that my business creates for our clients.
* Produce podcasts that my business creates for our clients.
* Video would be an added bonus
* Able to do intro/outro
* Able to minimise noise
* Able to edit and cut based on requirements by client
*Able to do everything required for an audio episode
* Creating video snippets with emoji's & subtitled words for social media - is not a must, but would be an added bonus.

I see this role as initially part-time, approximately 20 hours per week, scaling up to full-time for the right person after a successful trial period.


*You can work whenever you want, and wherever you want. You will not have to wake up or work at any specific time, excepting odd occasions when we have deadlines to meet for a podcast launch. (TeaUpgrade to see actual infoetings are 2-3 p/w usually 5pm Philippines Time for 30 minutes).*Flexible vacation - if you need time off just let me know in advance.
*Opportunity to advance / get bonuses if you do a good job I will give you a raise and bonuses.
Pay: TBD, this will depend on your level of skill and other people that apply to the job but between US $500-$700 pcm

About Me:
I am the founder and a director of Podpreneur. I have been working with Filipino's since lockdown 2020 and they are very happy working for me - as I am with them. You will be given a chance to speak to my current teaUpgrade to see actual infombers before you're hired.

To Apply for the Job:

1, Send me a message with a few sentences on why you would like this position

2, Include examples of podcasts (and videos/graphic assets if applicable) that you have created

3, Your Instagram or Facebook profile.

Editing and producing audio podcasts is obviously a must, being able to speak very good English in order to communicate with me and my team is also massively helpful.

If you can also edit and produce video then that is a bonus skill to have, as we are creating more and more video podcasts.
But it's not essential to getting the job.

Likewise if you can produce and edit digital graphic assets then that is also a bonus, but not a necessity to get the job.

Make sure that you follow all the steps above. This is a great opportunity with the ability to get bonuses and raises, so I will only look at applicants that really want the job. There will be a short Zoom call between us and video will be required.

I will select a handful of applicants to go through to a 2nd interview where I will set you the task of producing one of my podcast episodes.

Do not write more than what I have asked you above, if you write more that what is asked for above I'm afraid I simply don't have time to read it all so I will have to ignore your job post,

Thank you,

Alex Chisnall.

Graphics & Multimedia
Recording Audio Video Editing Graphics Editing
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