Back-End Developer

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Full Time


USD Weekly Pay via Transferwise




Jan 18, 2023


ServingIntel, a leading technology solutions provider to the senior living and hospitality industries, is seeking a full-time Back End Developer. The Back End Developer works proactively, diligently, and responsibly with other teaUpgrade to see actual infombers and team leaders to drive the development of new products and enhanced features within products.

o Focus on new software development.
o Sub focus on services/bug tickets.
o Proactively report on progress and raise any issues affecting ability to complete work.
o Work in an agile team environment.
o Execute all required process steps.
o Manage and complete assigned tasks in Azure Upgrade to see actual infopetencies:
o Multi-task and context-switch effectively between different work activities and teams
o Self-directed, proactive, high energy, accountable, get-it-done attitude
o Attention to detail
o Ability to organize and plan work independently
o Team player
o Conflict management and resolution skills
o Excellent analytical and problem-solving skills
o Good oral and written English communication skills

o Planning/Organizing/Prioritizing – The ability to coordinate work activities, establish priorities, and obtain resources to ensure that objectives are accomplished on time.
o Attention to Detail – The ability to maintain focus and attention on minute details and finer points of one’s work.
o Problem Solving — The ability to identify problems, identify relevant information from different sources, gather information through effective research methods, and identify effective solutions to business-related problems.
o Teamwork — The ability to work effectively with others; understand others’ objectives, roles, and expectations; and foster and encourage team participation.
o Work Ethic/Motivation — Maintaining devotion, integrity, commitment, and motivation to accomplish organizational goals.
o Responsibility – The ability to assume responsibility for all facets of one’s job and life. This includes attributing positive and negative results to oneself, rather than external sources (i.e., good luck, economic downturn, etc.).
o Job Stability/Loyalty – Satisfaction with one’s organization and the willingness to remain loyal and committed to organizational goals and policies.
o Business Ethics/Integrity/Trustworthiness – The ability to conduct oneself and properly in order to maintain personal Upgrade to see actual infotablishing a history of honesty and trustworthiness in business interactions.

o Expertise in PHP, MySQL, MSSQL, jQuery, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, XML
o Expertise in MVC Frameworks and good technology exposure of CodeIgniter or any CMS
o Demonstrated experience with coding in MVC technology such as routing, controllers, action methods, view models, data validation, filters, attributes, and data model manipulation
o Expertise in database designing and application architecture planning for core PHP projects
o Solid knowledge Upgrade to see actual info, C# (optional)
o Sound understanding of asynchronous request handling, partial page updates, and AJAX will be preferred
o Swift debugging skills
o Prior experience in payment gateway is a plus
o Able to sit in front of a computer for long hours at a time
o Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science is a plus

Compensation & Benefits:
o Weekly Pay
o HMO Reimbursement
o Participation in Synthetic Equity Plan
o Performance based all-Company quarterly bonus

Working environment must include:
o Home office or working space with minimal background disturbance
o High-speed, stable internet connection (such as DSL)
o Reliable laptop or desktop computer equipped with Microsoft Office and/or OpenOffice
o Active on company-provided Teams account
o High-quality, background noise minimizing headset & microphone

Web Development
PHP Mysql Javascript
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