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Part Time


30000 PHP - 35000 PHP




Nov 21, 2022


Who We're Looking For
As we expand our business by helping more and more Clients, we need help to keep up! As a small business, everyone fills many different roles, and we have identified this Developer role as a critical addition to our Team to help us meet our goals. By succeeding in this role, you will be helping to eventually free up the CEO to focus more on Business Development and less on Website Development - which will lead to overall business growth and everyone's success!

We are looking for a Developer to build websites and business tools using the Wix platform that are stunning in appearance, meet or even exceed the Client's expectations and requirements, comply with industry standards, and are fully tested and completely working.

You should have excellent technical skills, integrity and attention to detail as well as a proactive mindset. Since each website platform is different, you should have at least 2 years experience building professional business websites on the Wix platform across different industries. You should have experience with both Wix Editors - the traditional Wix Editor as well as the fully responsive Wix Editor X.

You should be motivated by enabling the success and amazement of our Clients. You should enjoy working as part of a team, but also be comfortable and capable working independently to deliver your individual goals and responsibilities. When you do apply for this position, please include the words "Wooden Snake" somewhere in your application to identify this position.

You can expect guidance and coaching from your direct boss all along the project timeline. This is a part-time, remote role and would ideally suit someone wanting to work 4 hours a day, 5 days a week.

You will receive the Project Requirements along with a Website Design as your starting point. You'll use your experience and expertise to convert those designs into websites and business tools that meet all the project requirements, internally testing all of your work as you go. Your finished work will then be reviewed and tested to ensure the quality of your work.
Your will use your past experience and skills to:

- Build Wix websites using designs provided by internal resource (or directly from client requirements for small projects), content (copy, images, video, etc.) provided, and following industry best practices
- Effectively use Wix objects and Apps to deliver required site functionality
- Where required, suggest third-party Apps available through the Wix App Market, keeping the client's budget and allowance for ongoing costs in mind
- Where required, design and implement custom Wix Velo code to deliver required site functionality
- Help develop Standard Operating Procedures for key tasks that you are responsible for
- Respond, research, and remediate all Technical Support iUpgrade to see actual info assigned to you for clients with an applicable Support Plan, including all documentation and reporting responsibilities
- Perform all Maintenance Tasks assigned to you for clients with an applicable Maintenance Plan, including all documentation and reporting responsibilities
- Attend all teaUpgrade to see actual infoetings and support other teaUpgrade to see actual infombers with any technical requests

You must have past experience building Wix websites for business clients - following industry best practices and completely aligned with established project requirements.

You should be able to help develop procedures, efficient processes, and quality-focused practices.

You should be knowledgeable with different web development languages and systems such as Javascript, along with a fundamental understanding of HTML and CSS. You should also be comfortable using some internal communication tools such as Google Drive, Zoom, and Slack for Client collaboration, teaUpgrade to see actual infoetings, and support of other teaUpgrade to see actual infombers with technical request.

You should also be confident enough to bring up your opinions if you see areas for improvement - even if they differ from directions given to you. We encourage productive discussions if they ultimately benefit our Clients or our own internal practices.

How We Will Help You Succeed
We want you to succeed in this role and feel proud to work with us here at GoldenByte Consulting. We will provide any additional training you may need to get on board and hit the ground running. We're not going to teach you how to do your job, because your past experience will serve you well.

However, we will train you regarding our systems, our products, and our customers so you can quickly apply your skills to help us achieve our mission. We will also listen to you and encourage you to bring your entire self to work. We are humans first, work colleagues second.

When you succeed, we all succeed - and most importantly, our Clients feel proud to refer us to their friends and associates.

Employment Type
This is a part-time role (ideally 4 hours a day, 5 days a week), and we're not looking for an agency. To align with the working hours of others, you should be available during the hours of 1:00PM and 5:00PM (GMT+8).

Web Development
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