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Sep 07, 2022



Seeking an experienced and proactive Customer Service Manager with previous experience of 2 or more years an is able to work on EST time zone from 9am to 5pm.

Your General Duties:

1. Supervise customer service team. Supervisory duties include coaching, training and motivating staff to perform effectively. Customer service managers must also create an environment where employees feel valuable to the organization.

2. Respond to customer inquiries. Customers reach out to customer service teams when they have questions about products or services. Staff may interact with customers across several channels, including phone, email and chat. Customer service managers must ensure that responses are accurate and provided in a timely manner, regardless of the channel.

3. Develop policies and procedures. Policies and procedures make up the playbook that customer service agents follow to resolve customer inquiries. Policies and procedures must balance satisfying customer needs and supporting the goals of the organization. They require constant review and revision as customer needs change and the business evolves.

4. Focus on customer satisfaction. This means addressing customer "pain points," adjusting policies and procedures, ensuring agents are well trained, measuring customer satisfaction and responding to customer feedback. Higher satisfaction can lead to larger spend, higher customer retention and favorable referrals. While customers may not always get the response they want, managers must ensure the message is delivered in an effective manner. And if possible, alternative options should be provided to the customer.

5. Hire staff. Customer service agents need the right personality and tools to interact with customers -- and it's up to the customer service manager to find qualified candidates. During the hiring process, managers must assess required skills for this role, including technical competency, problem solving and communication.

6. Train staff. Training is essential for new hires -- and current employees -- to be successful in jobs. Training activities for new and veteran agents may include classroom lectures, role playing and interactive videos. Ongoing training is just as important as training at the time of hire, as it provides employees with the opportunity to learn new skills and climb the career ladder.

7. Develop goals and report progress. There are many contact center metrics that could be monitored and reported on. But the key is to determine which metrics are the most important to the organization and create goals and objectives around those. Progress toward those goals must also be reported at the individual, team and department levels on a regular basis.
Learn more about key customer service metrics to measure contact center success.

8. Continue to learn. The practices and tools that support a customer service organization are constantly evolving. Managers should constantly read articles, participate in webinars and attend conferences to stay up to date on technology changes and practices.

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