Full Time Data Analyst

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Full Time






Aug 20, 2022



-A Perfect English level is required

-Available 30-40 hours a week in the next months, and willing to reach a stable 40-45 hours/week when it's needed in the future.

-Truly Interested in a long term job position, at least for 3+ years

-Expert with google sheets

-3+ Years Experience as an Analyst in other companies

-Have a good computer

-Have a fast internet connection

-Interested in becoming the manager of this department as the team grows

KINDLY NOTE: ALL the requirements are mandatory, please don't apply if you do not fit perfectly because we will not consider your application.

The Company:

We are a fully remote company based in Italy counting almost 15 employees.
Our warehouse is in Italy and completely managed by a logistic center, we do not drop ship, we run an inventory based model.
The majority of our orders are not paid online but on delivery(currently 94% of orders are COD), this is our main focus and edge over competition.

Our goal is to become the largest COD e-commerce in the world. And to make the purchase of any product accessible to everyone, with any payment method, especially with cash on delivery. All this while providing a wide catalog of products, excellent customer service and fast shippings.

The Job:

Your Job in the short term will consist in finishing setting up our main excel dashboard dedicated to our COD orders, that is pulling data from Pipedrive(which is a CRM that we will teach you how to use).
Then you will be in charge of:

-Identifying ways to improve the dashboard and find new valuable data to analyze on our COD side
-Manage all our inventory data, inserting new products as they reach our warehouse+do other related tasks
-Manage the purchasing data of new products
-Analyze our new product testing performances data
-Create other dashboards and reports about new things we will need them for
-Do our accounting(we will teach you what to do, no experience required, and this will be the first thing to go away as our team grows)
-Do our financial reports(we will teach you what to do, no experience required, and this will be the second thing to go away as our team grows)
-Probably i the future we might assign you new tasks related to your expertise

Working Hours:
Working hours will be completely flexible and up to you. We will have weekly, bimonthly and monthly work based deadlines, but you will dUpgrade to see actual info when and where to work.


The Salary, considering 170 hours a month(of work), will be between 510 and 850 USD, depending on your skills and experience. If there is a good performance the salary might increase in the future.

Finance & Management
Financial Analysis
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