Executive Assistant (COO-type) (#1861)

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Aug 26, 2022


Why work in the office if you can work from home and earn dollars?
Zero commuting.
Positive Upgrade to see actual info office politics.

If the answer is YES, then keep reading!

We are looking for the next SUPERSTAR for our family. A caring, well-rounded teaUpgrade to see actual infomber with drive & passion for adding value and being a part of a growing company.

Hi. My name is Oliver! I am currently looking for Rockstar Executive Assistant. An implementor. A COO-type person.


- Possess strong organizational(structured) and organizing (systematic) skills.
- Can think fast and communicate ideas in a clear and concise way.
- Has high energy and can energize people around him/her.
- A fast learner and has the ability to provide quick intelligent decisions
- Intellectually curious and have a knack to create new systems, finding the right technology or software to use, and industries.
- Has a can-do attitude, positive and uplifting.
- Highly likable, a people-person, and emotionally mature.
- Abide by the strict rules of confidentiality. Keeps every information closed within the company only.
- Interested to be the #2(right hand), working behind the scenes, and being a good implementer.
- Finally, I'm looking for someone who has a 5-10 years horizon to build a career. Someone I can train to the level I need him/her to be.

Are you this type of person? Then, this job is for you!

Job descriptions:

- Manage and help to coordinate all ongoing projects in the companies.
- Helps create systems and processes to run every aspect of my life and businesses in a sustainable way.
- Recruits and manages freelancers for projects (Upgrade to see actual infosigner, online marketers, writers, editors, etc)
- Create reports and tracking of KPIs of all departments
- Help me create training programs for new hires and ways to help them improve continuously.
- helps me with recruiting, interviewing, and onboarding of staff.
- Define standard operating procedures and create a company manual
- Turn ideas into actionable project plans and help distill any principle of things I am learning.
- Help organize and structure my schedule and days.
- Help script video content for personal development youtube channel and blog
- processing all inboxes, recording input, and dUpgrade to see actual info on next steps, clear outcomes, and Upgrade to see actual infote:
-MBA is a plus but not required.
-Knowledge of Notion and Excel is a plus.
- Able to work from 8AM-6PM is critical. I work from 6AM to 8PM, Philippine time
- Someone who has a minimum internet speed of at least 20mbps.

If this sounds like you, you are the one we are looking for!!

Please do the steps:

1. Please fill out this form: Upgrade to see actual info/42PJlzIfqZkzZOHBMSWG
2. Please do the Problem Solving test: Upgrade to see actual info
3. Please do the Principle test: Upgrade to see actual info

Thank you GREATLY for your time & we look forward to hearing from you.

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