Product Catalog, Repricing & Content Teams for Shopify / eBay / Walmart / Amazon [Freelance to Full Time]

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Oct 08, 2022


If you see this job post, we are still accepting applicants for this position!

DM Distribution is an e-commerce company that has been in business for over 7 years with a focus on Amazon and Shopify.

The role we are currently recruiting for is within our Product Catalog, Product Repricing & Product Content teams for our eCommerce stores. Your specific role would be to assist with listing products, pricing the products and working on content from listing titles to embedding images and PDFs.

We are looking for people willing to work when we have work that needs to be done. That said, we have enough work for more people to be busy enough with nearly full time hours. eCommerce experience is preferred but we also look at people who have the potential and are eager to learn. We've hired people with no experience in handling online stores and we've trained them well that they are now handling their own teams!

We are looking to hire on a freelance basis initially at a rate of $2.50 USD per hour. The right people will earn a permanent seat on the team through diligent and accurate work. This is considered 90-180 days into your position depending on your performance.


The right applicant;

1. Is efficient and operates well at a fast pace when doing data entry type work.
2. Is detail oriented enough to catch issues or errors so they can be fixed or escalated.
3. Has exceptional keyboarding / typing / computer skills.
4. Has experience in data entry (eCommerce field specific is a plus).
5. Has availability for work between 4am and 12pm Eastern Standard Time (4pm-12am Philippines time) and are available for team huddles when needed.


Your primary responsibilities will include;

1. Retrieving product information - This information could come from a variety of files the vendor sends us or their website.
2. Creating product listings on several ecommerce stores run on Shopify/eBay/Walmart/Amazon platform.
3. Reprice products in accordance with our policies to ensure our ability to compete in our markets.
4. Assist with updates to store / product content including but not limited to; title and description optimization, embedding of images, videos and PDFs, etc..


Helpful experience;

1. Working with product information
2. Working with data entry / copy & pasting / etc.
3. Working with Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets
4. Working with Shopify, eBay, Walmart and/or Amazon
5. SEO experience


When you submit your application:

Please include your responses to the following;

1. Please describe your experience with data entry and/or copying & pasting information from one place to another.
2. Please describe your experience using Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets.
3. Have you ever worked with Shopify or any other eCommerce platforms before? Explain your experience.
4. What are the hours and days you are available for work?
5. Would you be interested if you were offered a part time or full time position on staff Upgrade to see actual infoeelance work?

If you’re really paying attention to the directions, you’ll put the word CAT in your response.

Before proceeding with the interview, we require all applicants to complete a 2-part assessment. The purpose of this assessment is for us to gauge your current experience level and resourcefulness.

Part I. Please open the assessment below and make a copy. You MUST make a copy as the version you will see with the link below is View only.

Assessment for the DM Distribution Catalog Team: Upgrade to see actual info/document/d/1jeebrjO2atl8-O8lS9fJoTbPsQ1UoG_K8iuJCSkZUnc/edit?usp=sharing

After you've made your copy and completed the assessment, please share it with the email address below, with email subject: "DM Distribution - Catalog Team Application".

Upgrade to see actual info

Part ll. As part of the screening process, please follow the instructions below and save your work which will be discussed during the initial interview.

1. Start a Free Trial in Upgrade to see actual info
2. Select any store name that you prefer
3. Based on your answers in Part 1 of the Assessment, create a product using the details you can find in this product (Upgrade to see actual info/Product/storage-cabinet-1870).
4. Set the status of the product you have created to Active, and Save.
5. Create a Collection titled "Test Collection" and add the product that you have just created.

Please take note of your store URL and storefront password and provide the details in your email together with your copy of the Part 1 assessment. To know your storefront password, follow the instructions here (Upgrade to see actual info/i/o/Upgrade to see actual info/da5831eUpgrade to see actual infoe5586/Screen+RecordingUpgrade to see actual info+at+

We are looking forward to hearing back from you so we can proceed further in the interview process.

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