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Part Time


Commission Based Only - $250+/month




Sep 03, 2022


Hello. Hope you're doing well.

I have an IG page that I need help with.

I have an audience of 18k followers as well as 50k+ followers in the business niche and need a person who can dm 100+ qualified people a day (those who follow me). Will explain who goes under a qualified lead once you're hired and on the call.

I need an experienced sales person who can follow my guidelines and partial scripts and be able to sell in the dm. So I'm looking for someone with natural sales skills.

The job will take around 1.5-2 hours a day to find close to 100 qualified leads. On average. Give or take. All you have to do is send the first message which I'll give the script for. You don't need to reply to anyone who messages you, I'll do all the replying and selling in the BEGINNING until you learn the ropes of it. Because after a few weeks I won't have time to do the selling and will be doing other work and so I need someone whom I can take under my wing and teach all about how to sell in the dms so once the 1 month is over (or even sooner) and you need to take complete control of the ig acc, you are ready to crush the role. You'll receive 10-15% commission once you can sell by yourself.

I sell my service from $500-$1k. I can't pay hourly but only commission based at 10% in the beginning and can go higher based on performance. This means your commission will be from $50/sale on the lower end and $100/sale on the higher end per package.

If you dm 3k people in a month and close 3-6 clients which is quite realistic and following my strategies, you'll be receiving a commission anywhere from $150-$300 per month for the low-end package and $300-$600 per month if all go for the high-end package. You'll be doing the closing after a few weeks when I won't have the time for it anymore. Maybe even sooner.

Once the page is dried up, I have other big pages for you to work on so you don't need to worry about leads drying up or not being able to make money in the long term. I'm looking for a person who's committed and want to stay in my team for at least a few months if not more.

P.S: Those who have appointment setting skills (in the dm) where you take a customer through a dm journey, ask them a few effective relevant questions (not just a script but tailor each question to the prospect and their situation so it'll be different) and try to close them in the chat will have a huge advantage when it comes to getting hired.

P.P.S: Pls explain how much experience you have in sales otherwise your proposal won't be Upgrade to see actual info the job title use the word "IG DM Closer Found!" just so I know you pay attention.

Thanks and looking forward to working with you.

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