High Paying Sales Job - Phone Real Estate Property Management Sales - Hourly Plus Earn Extra Commission

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500 php/hour plus commissions




Aug 16, 2022


Do not apply to this job unless you:
- Have excellent and clear American or British sounding English
- Have sales experience and know some sales techniques
- Are determined and motivated since this job has a lot of potential to make money but it will not be easy, it is Upgrade to see actual infote: For this job I will hire you as needed but I will pay you per hour and the hourly rate will be higher than most other jobs you will see. I will need you to be available during US hours to make phone calls when needed. You will make more per hour at this job than other jobs because of the hourly rate but with the commission it will be far Upgrade to see actual info could end up being a full time job one day but in the short term it will be as needed (as I get new leads).

Job Summary: Real Estate related tasks such as talking on the phone to potential clients.

More Detail:
I need good English skills (especially on the phone) and preferably someone who learned more American English and spelling. If your work helps me gain a new client, you will receive a bonus for that which will be much greater than your hourly salary.

The main tasks you will help me with are:

- Real Estate related tasks such as talking on the phone to potential clients.
- Helping me make more connections and gain new clients.

Please write blue rhino in your job application if you have read this far.

What I am looking for: Someone who is a good learner, good at coming up with a plan to attack a task with efficiency, smart, hard working, honest. I will be the same with you and you will learn a lot froUpgrade to see actual info.

Bonus: For every 12 months you work for me at least 90 hours I will give you the 13th month.

Time Off: Please notify me of the holidays that you expect to observe during the year and we will follow that schedule. If you miss work, don't make excuses just be honest with me, or I will need to move on.

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