Exceptional C-Level Executive Assistant/Coordinator

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Sep 07, 2022


Job Description: Executive Administrative Coordinator
We are hiring a seasoned executive administrative coordinator who has more than 3 years of direct work as an executive assistant to a C Level executive. Managing the executive's day is critical to assist with more efficiently accomplishing our mission as a company. Our mission is to create livelihood for people who are often marginalized or underrepresented and often qualified. We do this through our company’s goal which is to work with corporations in assisting them with procurement strategies and consulting services to win public agency, corporate or federal contracts. We do this through strategic consulting as well as through the design, development and maintenance of business programs - all with a community and inclusion lens.Our business programs include mentor protege programs, youth engagement programs, stakeholder engagement, as well as supplier diversity programs.
Our goals are to:
1. Became a global brand and thought leader within the “procurement and public agency consulting” community. A subset of this is ensuring community and inclusion is a part of the landscape.
2. Ensure that 100% of our clients create a return on their investment by working with us.
3. Create high quality programming and services that help our clients achieve their goals.
4. Meet the needs of demanding clients.
We believe that we can make significant impact for small and diverse businesses through these programs and we want to ensure that every client, every communication is a “Ritz” Upgrade to see actual infont and experience.
As a small and growing entrepreneurial company, no job is too big or too small. This role supports the executive administratively and may also support project work. The roles requires someone who is uber organized with extreme attention to detail. The person is someone who is able to be able to handle many balls at one time; effectively and quickly organize various data sources, information to create cohesive documents, reports, assembly for easy access. This is not a training role. Extensive experience in administrative coordination, being resourceful and high functioning is key to success.
We need you to step into this role running from day one, and bring your own manage the manager expertise along with exceptional organization skills and attention to detail.
Our Values
• Quality Results - This allows us to provide the best product, communication, service for our demanding clients. This includes being timely, proactive, and providing exceptional results.
• Personal Responsibility and Accountability - It allows us to admit when we’re wrong and be proud of ourselves when we Upgrade to see actual info shrinking allowed. We admit to problems quickly, resolve them quickly and learn from them.
• Proactive - This allows us to think ahead and offer our clients solutions that can prevent missteps. We always think of what could go wrong administratively (application failures, technology failures, etc and how we can ensure that the executive and the clients receive seamless experiences.
• Outcome Driven - This is not a push the paper environment. We look for people to provide and deliver exceptional outcomes. Fast paced, no day, usually no hour, is the same.
• On “Ritz” Brand - Quality is key when dealing with our clients. Every communication, every visual communication must be on brand and provide stellar client experience. Think Ritz, not Walmart. (Nothing wrong with Walmart but our clients demand stellar experience and excellence and that is what we are paid for and must deliver.)
• If interested in pursuing this great role, please send a cover letter with these words – Excited to Excel. This is sent to Upgrade to see actual info Subject: ADMIN VU. Attach your resume and link to OnlinePH as well as a 2 minute video on why this is the job for you. Those who respond and follow directions get priority. Please also list the dates when you have worked US PST times from 8:30am pst to 7:30pm pst.
Someone with a minimum of 3 years or two jobs is preferred. Must have experience working US PST Time.

Duties include and are not limited to:
Daily upkeep of executive schedule through Calendly
Create forms, presentations
Identifying opportunities for clients through agendas, minutes and
Fill out forms, online documents including certifications
Reports - develop professional
Maintain certifications and records in an organized and efficient manner
Write debriefs, summaries for people and companies, intermediate or advanced expertise
Write and communicate professionally
Communicate professionally with clients, executives
Create a monthly newsletter and maintain a database through Mailchimp
Maintain databases and excel spreadsheets
Excel spreadsheets - create professional docs, formulas and more, intermediate or advanced level Powerpoint - intermediate or advanced expertise
Calendly - intermediate or advanced expertise
Eventbrite - advanced to include ability to add graphics, create professional graphics
Research - resourceful, highly capable of accessing information quickly, absorbing information, and relaying in a concise and organized manner
Google drive - manage, organize at an intermediate level or higher expertise
Data - access data, and compute in a concise and organized manner
Excellent spelling and grammar, syntax - advanced expertise
Zoom - able to manage, schedule, intermediate to advanced expertise
Ensure timely invoices are submitted
Manage business development process and flow
Ideas to improve on efficiencies and systems
Create and improve on current templates, forms, communications, reports
Respond to communications in a timely and efficient manner
Other administrative duties as assigned
Canva or other design application - intermediate expertise
Traits we are looking for:
Quick learner
Close the loop mindset
Troubleshoot quickly; resolve quickly
Consistent and advanced follow-through
Juggles many balls without dropping
Stays on top of things
Thinks in advance; has a B or C option mindset
Create operational efficiencies
High technical acumen
Excellent professional written and verbal communications
How to be successful:
Be high functioning, keep up with fast speed environment; autonomous; resourceful; problem solver Have high technical acumen, manage the manager experience. You love operating in a fast-paced and creative environment and adhere to deadlines while producing high-quality work each and every time.

When this job is performed well:
Review and uncover opportunities for each client through vendor portals
Get clients on teams or prime
Uncover opportunities on google alerts
Uncover opportunities via agendas and minutes;
Review planning department annual strategic plans and budgets to uncover opportunities. this is for federal transportation budget, public agency budgets, and strategic plans
Status reports to clients - provide intel, opportunities
Track Pursuits – no deadlines missed; get on teams
Agenda research – timely reviewed
Minutes research – timely reviewed
Vendor portals search – timely reviewed and tracked
File Management per Client – easily accessible, user friendly,
Research per Client – timely submitted; inventoried
Respond to emails and communicate within the same day
Schedule events and meetings
Weekly review of events
Maintain Acuity schedule
Schedule Calls using Acuity and when needed customized email coordination
Review day of events with
Review end of the day with SR
Communication - what we liked; what is not working
Meet deadlines of tasks given
Manage online data management of files and folders and resources
Create Reports and presentations (when needed) for client updates (ie status reports), briefs and debriefs
Track actions and ensure timely delivery – attention to detail, multiple projects
Maintain all certifications within the due dates

Experience with any type of work or skills that include fast-paced, high functioning environments - business development, coordination, procurement, sales, project management is a plus.

Office & Admin (Virtual Assistant)
Project Coordinator Admin Assistant
Project Management
Other Project Management
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