Experienced Real Estate Appointment Setter

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Full Time


Starting $3/hr plus $100 bonus per deal




Jul 25, 2022


* Experienced Lead Intake Specialist wanted to set real-estate appointments during U.S. working hours (Eastern Standards Time)
* Must have a demonstrated track record of success as a lead-intake specialist /appointment setter for a real estate company.
* Must have neutral American accent
* Starting pay is 3.00/hr, with lockstep pay increases, generous performance bonuses of $100 per deal, loyalty bonuses, and other perks
* Paid time off for ALL Philippines holidays paid, and 10 days paid vacation each year
* We will treat you with respect and give you opportunities to grow

If you are interested, follow these instructions exactly. Applicants that do not follow these instructions exactly will be deleted.

1. Send an email to Upgrade to see actual info

2. Make the subject line: [Your First Name] [Your Last Name] – Application for Appointment Setter

3. Attach to the email a Upgrade to see actual info audio recording of you reading the following sentences. Do not send a video recording.
• I like chocolate.
• I found an accessory.
• I watch YouTube.
• I go to the boutique.
• That is not applicable.
• The car curved.
• I like southern food.
• Bury the hatchet.
• Doves are scarce.
• I am a buyer.
• Who is your cousin?
• He has a disease.
• He cooked a goose in the oven.
• He is the supreme chancellor.
• I went to war.
• It was my duty.
• I will buy a jewel.
• I shampoo my hair.
• There were fewer people than I expected.
• He read a poem.
• I live in Louisville, Kentucky.
• I live in Jefferson County.
• I live in Oldham County.
• Is it Tuesday?
• That is very complex.
• I am a graduate student.
• Will you open the drawer?
• Can you close the drawer?
• Let’s use pepper.
• Gold is scarce.
• That is inevitable.
• Let’s request that they create one for us.
• My favorite activity is basketball.
• My vision is poor.
• That is unusual.
• Let’s find the treasure.
• I was born in November.
• I am motivated.
• I choose a noisy dog.
• That noise is poison.
• Please tell me when you are not busy

4. Describe in 250 words your past success as a lead intake specialist

5. Optional - Send a resume.

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