Amazon Product Researcher (Online Arbitrage)

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Dec 03, 2022


We are looking to recruit and train successful applicants to become fully qualified Amazon Arbitrage Virtual Assistants. This job requires hard-working individuals that are confident in their ability and that have previous job experiences with finding profitable products for a client. This is not an Amazon Private Label course.

***During the interview process, you will be asked by one of the interviewers (Jemeah/Charlie) to explain your previous job experiences with your client(s). You will be required to demonstrate your knowledge around how to source profitable products using Keepa & SellerAmp SAS***

Successful applicants will be required to sit through a minimum of 7 working days of training (8 hours per day) aimed at Online Arbitrage for the Amazon UK marketplace.

You will be trained to find profitable products on UK retailers' websites and then analyse the data using software such as Keepa, SellerAmp SAS and other software that helps you in your role. If you successfully pass both the interview and training process, you will then be placed into full time employment with the following requirements & benefits:

Contracted hours: 8 hours per day / 40 hours per week

Salary: 25,000 PHP (non negotiable)
Option for bonuses (this will only be offered at your employers discretion)
12 days annual leave (each month you work for your employer will accrue 1 day)
13 month pay

- If you currently have another client you will not be considered for this position. We are only accepting applicants that have experience and are currently out of a job.
- Previous job experience as an Online Arbitrage Product Researcher is required.
- Good written/verbal English communication
- Comfortable working environment at home
- Fast internet speed (applicants will be required to send a screenshot of their internet speed)
- Ability to use Google Sheets to a good standard
- CV
- Government Issued ID (Driver's License or Passport or other identification)

A background in Amazon Virtual Assistant jobs is preferred
The ability to use Keepa & SellerAmp SAS is preferred
Confident individual who will ask lots of questions on topics they do not know during the training process

***If you are successful in passing the initial training programme, you will have the option to choose your own flexible working hours. However, throughout the training programme, you will be required to work the "graveyard shift" of 5pm - 1am. This is to work within the time zone differences***

Please apply on this Link. Thank you
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