Email Marketing Manager-Long Term Job

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1530-2210 USD/Month




Jul 13, 2022


Email Marketing Manager(NOT interested in Agencies)


-A Perfect English level is required

-Available at least 10-20 hours a week in the next month, and willing to slowly increase it when the time goes on. Up to 40 hours a week in 6-12 months

-Truly Interested in a long term job position, at least for 3+ years

-At least 2 years experience working as an email Marketer with Klaviyo

-(Obviously)A Good computer and a good and stable internet connection

KINDLY NOTE: ALL the requirements are mandatory, please don't apply if you do not fit perfectly because we will not consider your application.

Optional Requirements/Strengths:
-Being able to write and speak in Italian

The Company:

We are a fully remote company based in Italy counting over 10 employees.
Our warehouse is in Italy and completely managed by a logistic center, we do not drop ship, we run an inventory based model.
The majority of our orders are not paid online but on delivery(currently 94% of orders are COD), this is our main focus and edge over competition.

Our goal is to become the largest COD e-commerce in the world. And to make the purchase of any product accessible to everyone, with any payment method, especially with cash on delivery. All this while providing a wide catalog of products, excellent customer service and fast Upgrade to see actual info Goal/Mission:

Your eventual goal is to take our email marketing revenue from a current average of 2% to 15-20%, resulting in a boost of our overall revenue and profit.

The Job:

Your Job in the short term will consist in managing our Klaviyo account, setting up new flows, optimizing existing ones, creating new segments, ideating new campaigns and much more. You will basically manage everything apart from the graphic design side(if you wish) and obviously, if you don’t know Italian(which is our only language), we will hire a dedicated proofreader.

Working Hours:
Working hours will be completely flexible and up to you. We will have weekly, biweekly and monthly work based deadlines, but you will dUpgrade to see actual info when and where to work.


The Salary in the first months, considering 80 hours a month(of work), will be between 480 and 720 USD, depending on your skillset and experience. Once the workload starts to increase, and we reach around 170 hours a month(of work), approximately in 6-12 months, the salary will be around 1530 and 2210 USD, depending on skillset, experience, dedication and performance.

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Email Marketing
Writing Speaking
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