Paid subscriber hiring an Expert HR/Recruitment Specialist (for the Applicant, NOT the Employer) ASAP

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$5-10 USD per hr [depends upon your work experience with this specific task and results you can deliver]




Jun 29, 2022

JOB OVERVIEW paid member looking to hire a VA for this task ASAP

1. Employer is a detail-oriented person
2. Willing to pay for quality and attention to detail
3. Please read the entire posting carefully before replying
4. Incomplete replies will not receive consideration

Seeking someone who has worked in recruiting and/or HR to use their experience and knowledge to assist the job applicant in their search. This is likely different than your previous experience, as normally, you are working for the employer to find an Upgrade to see actual info this case, I want to leverage all your industry knowledge/tips and tricks to get an application past the Applicant Tracking System (ATS) and the initial recruiters and get fast-tracked to the hiring manager for an interview.

I would initially estimate at least 5-10 hours of work BUT it could potentially be more and an ongoing part-time work (typical estimates seem to be 90 days from starting a job search to getting hired) depending upon what you bring to the table in experience (especially if you have direct experience with this exact situation) and what sort of proposal or techniques you have in mind to make this a highly successful project.

Provide an outline/proposal in your application if you know this will require more initial or additional ongoing hours, what types of tasks you would need to do and how much time you anticipate per week over the typical 90 days it takes for an applicant to complete a job search.

Ideally, your experience would be hiring candidates for roles in:
• Information Technology
• Healthcare Information Technology
• Data Science
• Data Engineering
• Solutions architect or similar roles
• Management of any of the above

Position will be paid hourly (part time) as required to complete these objectives:
1) Research job profiles / position titles that would match the applicant’s credentials optimizing for ones that
a. The applicant can realistically be selected, interviewed, and hired
b. Overall maximum compensation across the range of roles they are qualified for
2) Create/modify several resume and cover letters for those profile
a. At a high level in terms of content and layout
b. (Bonus) writing skills are equivalent to native US English where you can complete edits without requiring a writing VA
3) Provide suggestions for keywords/search hints/strategy for each job profile where another VA, most likely at a lower hourly rate, will be doing the actual searching and applying to these positions on behalf of the applicant
a. Potentially may have you supervise their efforts on an ongoing basis
4) Offer advice to develop a comprehensive job search strategy
a. Tasks other than searching for and applying to jobs in large quantities to increase the odds of being selected for interview based upon the current candidate credentials
5) Expand/develop processes for the above
a. Some processes have already been documented/outlined
b. Document changes/additional processes with screenshots/video/written in a shared document

Working days/hours:
• Do not require you to work at a specific time of day or day of week
• I do expect you to be able to start on this project ASAP to complete the initial hours to get the process started

Hiring process:
• Send in your application (your resume and hourly rate)
o Optionally, brief comments on how you would be the best choice to complete the objective outlined in the posting
• Application reviewed
• Application considered for hire
o Complete a sample task (about 15-30 minutes)
• Review sample task results of candidates
• Best candidate selected
• Hired!

To be considered, please put the word mango somewhere in the subject line of your reply

Hour tracking via Timeproof and payment via EasyPay (paid weekly)

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