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Full Time


PHP 60,000 - 80,000 MONTH




Jul 18, 2022


This full-time, salaried position is Ideal for a talented lawyer, paralegal or accountant with experience in taxation, real estate transactions, immigration, claims administration, or international business transactions.

The ITIN Specialist performs legal-, regulatory- and business-related research and document preparation under the supervision of the principal lawyer. He/She helps our clients successfully apply for Individual Tax Identification Numbers by guiding them through complex IRS rules and preparing correct and complete applications. The work includes preparing supporting documentation, including insurance and retirement benefits claims, assisting in real estate transactions by gathering required documentation, gathering information for creating US companies and collecting US tax returns for submission with the application.

Responsibilities of this role include preparing and proofreading legal documents, evaluation of factual situations and application of legal rules to the circumstances; interpretation of rules and regulations, organizing technical papers, sending correspondence to clients and following up to receive requested information, driving engagements forward to completion by requesting information from clients, following up, assembling legal files, scheduling hearings and appointments, proofreading, maintaining accurate records, prepare chronology of events.

Minimum: An associate's degree or certificate in paralegal studies or law degree; relevant experience as a paralegal or lawyer; Relevant experience in a field such as real estate transactions, pension benefits or claims administration, immigration and naturalization applications, international tax filings

Excellent written and oral communication skills, knowledge of relevant legal terminology and principles, capacity to work in a team environment and be proficient with basic computer programs such as Google Workplace, Microsoft Office Upgrade to see actual infolf-directed, self-motivating.

We offer training in the relevant body of knowledge, including our legal library, IRS rules and regulations and relevant filing requirements.

Relevant subject matter experience can include real estate transactions, estate planning, tax preparation (filling government PDFs). We're based in Europe, a fully remote, distributed team. We need 5 hours of work-day overlap with CET.

We offer training in our apps. Salary ranges 60,000 - 80,000 PHP/m or more, depending on experience.

To apply for this Full-Time position, please take the following actions:

1) reply to the post with a personal statement identifying how your personal and professional experience qualifies you for the position;
2) include a link to your CV;
3) note when you are available to start and why you would be the best candidate for this position; you can provide this by recording a short video;
4) provide an example of a challenge you've overcome in the past;
5) list the specific software applications with which you have experience;
6) provide two references from past employment, including dates of employment and the role/relationship to the person who will provide your reference; and
7) Provide a screenshot of your internet speed.

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