[URGENT] Clickfunnels & Email Marketing Professional Needed

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Aug 01, 2022


"Reply to this post with the subject line of "Professional HERE""

IMPORTANT NOTE: Before you go through this post just know that I will provide training on just about anything and everything you don't understand so you aren't confused and in saying that I'll also work with you so we can create the best experience for ourselves working together as well as making sure you FULLY understand the job role.

I'm looking for someone to build funnels and test within click funnels to get the best/perfect converting funnel that brings in lots of subscribers and also sells lots of products.

The product we would be selling is e-books specifically romance so our target audience is women anywhere from the ages of 25-54+ and speaking in a language that relates to them. (Don't worry I'll provide examples of how this type of content is typically advertised and promoted so there won't be any stress)

You'll be required to test, monitor, and build the funnel with my instruction and have advanced knowledge about click funnels as well as email marketing is MUCH PREFERRED.

I'm not interested in training anyone for this because it would take a lot of understanding and I want to hit the floor running and get you PAID as quickly as possible.

Hours will vary for the work depending on the difficulty and time that is required to put into building the funnel as well as email marketing if you have that experience.

Starting out you could/might be working anywhere from 15-25 hours a week (You'll be eligible for bonus pay as well depending on how well the funnel/emails are converting.

IMPORTANT NOTE: It is NOT a requirement that you know both how to build funnels as well as email marketing either or is fine and I'm willing to work with you and train you a little bit on what needs to actually be done.

marketing Note and Possible Responsibilities:
- Managing an autoresponder service such as Mailchimp, Getresponse, Mailerlite, Activecampaign, etc
-Make sure emails are scheduled to go out at appropriate times whether it be a broadcast or an autoresponder email sequence
-Moving subscribers to appropriate parts of the email funnel (For Example, let's say a subscriber buys a subscription product then we would want to remove them from the list where we are selling the product and then move them to a funnel where we are updating them on new information for the product they just bought)
-You won't be required to actually write the emails you will be required to copy and paste the information though and make sure they are going out at the right times

If you're interested in learning about more pay/bonuses you can please apply.

Your responsibilities:
-Building Funnels that convert and actively seek other people's funnels to model their success so we can do what is actively working.
- Managing links and putting them in the right spot (For example, copying and pasting funnel links into the correct places so if someone dUpgrade to see actual info to buy a product and wants the upsell then they are directed to that page right after purchasing)
-Potentially managing spreadsheets or word documents so we can keep track of campaigns, what is working or not working, etc

Job Requirements:
-Excellent English and Communication Skills (KEY Hiring Factor)
-Excellent Written & Oral Communication Skills with me to keep up to date on the latest updates. (KEY Hiring Factor)
-The ability to learn and adapt quickly to situations
-Ability to work on a schedule be flexible and meet deadlines on time (KEY Hiring Factor)
-Your work style should be extremely detail-oriented
-Contribute Ideas for being more efficient and effective in our workflow
-Works well with a team

Detailed Training will be provided upon accepted application.

You will be asked to answer the following questions when submitting a proposal:

A) On a scale of 1-10 how would you rate your English skills? (10 highest & 1 lowest)

B) On a scale of 1-10 how would you rate your communication skills?

A) On a scale from 1-10 how flexible is your schedule?

B) How many hours can you work per week? Attach a ".pdf" document of your past experience (if possible or be detailed)

A) Do you know about click funnels or email marketing? If so what is your experience?.

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