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TikTok Video Editor for Tech Podcasts

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Part Time


Php 20,000 per month / $360 per month




Jun 22, 2022


We repurpose long form podcast videos into short TikTok videos. We are looking for someone who can recreate the our style and even improve on it.

Here are some examples of our style:

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Upgrade to see actual info

Compensation is on a per video basis. You get a minimum base pay for each video, then you get a big bonus if the video hits the first benchmark number (usually 50k-100k views), and then you get an even bigger bonus if you the video reaches the second benchmark number (usually 500k-1 million views).

Starting pay per video:

Base pay: $10
Benchmark #1: $30 Bonus
Benchmark #2: $60 Bonus

Each video takes about 2-6 hours to make. Average pay should end up being around $18/video.

This is a part time job to start, but there is potential for full time after you've proven yourself. We expect new hires to do 10-20 videos per month. After proving yourself, you would be welcome to take on more work. The maximum any one human seems to be able to produce is about 60 videos per month.

This is the entry level pay plan. After proving yourself, pay can double or even triple.

The ideal candidate:

- Loves podcasts
- Loves film
- Near-native English
- Is funny
- Has experience making Upgrade to see actual infos
- Has experience editing videos
- Has an interest in technology & business
- Has an iPad

*It is OK if you do not have experience editing videos but you are very tech savvy and love film, then that will work. We can train you to edit Upgrade to see actual info your application, please include some of a couple of your favorite podcasts and movies.

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Video Editing Photoshop
Finance & Management
Financial Analysis
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