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Full Time


$2500+ w/in 2-3 yrs depending on skill, experience & development




Jul 19, 2022


Who we are…

We are a community of online entrepreneurs recruiting a Platform Operations Wizard to join us. We specialize in physical product brands currently operating 8 brands in the following markets: dietary supplements, tea, natural skincare, cosmetics and bulk health foods, spices, and sweeteners.

Our culture is our biggest strength and it's important that we recruit like-minded people. We value travel, social responsibility, personal development, team development, transparency, and FREEDOM! :)

We are extremely motivated and very team-oriented with a sort of teal business structure (google if needed). We are adaptable and ever-evolving, and the only thing bigger than our hearts is our vision… we are building an online community and business empire that will empower us to change the world.

Our core competency is the ability to create and launch new product brands in a wide selection of product markets quickly and inexpensively. Our product formulation team is one of or perhaps the best in the USA.

As individuals, we are both inspired and inspiring. We are autonomous in our roles and growth while focusing on the collective. As a collective, we are warm but productive, we are jovial but focused. We are the creators of solutions and value.

We are significantly increasing the scale of our creative agency to support our different health and wellness product brands as we are currently in the process of refreshing several of them for off-Amazon marketing, scaling all of them, and creating several more brands.

We are here to grow… watch this video playlist to know us better! Upgrade to see actual info

Right now, we are looking for a highly-motivated & proactive individual who is:
- Google Sheets and GDrive Expert (excellent working knowledge with Google Sheets & GDrive)
- Organization Guru (impeccable digital organization with all files and documents)
- Mind Maps Specialist (can create Mind Maps for organization, SOPs & idea building)
- Integration Master (intensive knowledge of integrations other than Zapier)
- Adept with SOP creation & organization
- With a technical background/Strong understanding of technology
- Highly detailed & systematic
- Strong project management, prioritization, and organizational skills
- Growth mindset
- Excellent ability to iterate
- Strong analytical & problem-solving skills
- Excellent ability to work collaboratively with different teams
- Excellent communication & training skills
Note: If you have Notion experience as we’ve recently discovered this as an Asana alternative

How will you create value:
- GDrive management & organization
- Slack, Asana, Voxer, and Dashlane management & cleanup
- Build mind maps for SOPs, File Organization, Project Management, and Workspaces (including Asana Workspace Tree)
- SOP management & organization
- Builds systems & processes for better file management & workspaces
- Up to date, continuous research for apps, integrations, and software for team use that would fit our goals. Bonus points for bringing in ideas to improve process and flow
- Train team for new software, tools, and apps usage
- Keep updated with the latest software, tools, apps, etc
- Provide guidance on whether we should move from Asana to Notion

What’s in it for you
o Work whenever, wherever - FLEXIBLE WORK HOURS
o Double or Triple your income in 3 years or less! (via Profitsharing)
o Fixed Weekly Pay
o Team buildings/Travel
o All the best bonuses (Performance, Birthday, etc)
o Health & Fitness perks (soon) – gym, wellness coach, healthy meals, etc
o Skill Development
o Free Products
o Internet allowance
o Opportunities for growth

Starting salary should be expected to be in the range of $600-$750 depending on experience and skill. Our income structure of perks, incentives, and growth opportunity recognizes and significantly rewards dedication to our team’s success & wellbeing, your personal growth both professionally & as a happy human, and loyalty & longevity with a focus on the community we’re building. If you are a rockstar community member, you should expect to be able to earn a total income of two to three times this within your first few Upgrade to see actual info a modern world where it’s common for us to bounce around employers or carry multiple commitments/clients, we are creating a community that gives all of the freedoms and opportunities for growth and professional variety to instill commitment, passion, and drive. Those that prove to be a cultural fit will live in abundance :) We’re a big team with even bigger hearts. We’re good at what we do and we believe in spreading the wealth, but our standard for excellence is high. We do not demand significant time investment but we do demand significant focus on growing yourself & the community and significant attention to detail in our roles and duties.

How to apply if you’re interested:
Part I - Kindly send your latest resume/CV.
Part II- Answer the following questions:
1. Can you give an example of how you have improved processes and procedures to increase efficiency?
2. How do you keep up to date on new technologies (software, tools & apps) and trends?
3. What makes you stand out from the other candidates for this position?
4. Are you currently employed?

Good luck and looking forward to meeting the right candidate! :)

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Other Project Management
Office & Admin (Virtual Assistant)
Project Coordinator Research
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