Bridge Support Manager

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Aug 09, 2022


Position Goal
Ensure that the new wireless equipment was installed and is operating in accordance with customer quality requirements. Aiding our crews in achieving their production objectives, communicating, fixing, and streamlining customer bridge support's corrections.

Ability to plan and predict,
Ability to take into account many details
To love your product
Ability to finish everything that was started
Willingness and ability to learn new things


Position duties:

Duties in regards to your assistance:
(If there are juniors you need to do these functions.)
Plan the workload for each tower crew in advance for bridge supporting.
Hold daily coordination calls with market CM.
Artur Pliev Based on a daily call with Ericsson to schedule the construction sites , he coordinates with the field crews and informs me where we will have the crews .
Hold daily short coordination meetings with Crew Foremen.
Each end of the day with the field Crew Foreman , analyze the completed scope of work for the day and the plan for the next day .
Utilize this ‘Communication/Productivity Log Report’ to keep track of all your discussions and any action items.
Certify the sites once the construction is completed
Once the site construction is completed and the site is alarm free , the RCM request for the site certification by AT&T.
Encourage the Crew Foreman to fix all the alarms that appeared as soon as possible
Artur Pliev sets up the dates on morning calls based on SOW( Scope of work ) in concordance with the Ericsson management . We are getting the dates on the 2nd-3rd day when construction starts . Based on the SOW( Scope of work ) we plan the actions that need to be done to get on time .
Coordinate Crew Foreman during the construction process.
Provide construction site analysis if there are any misunderstood tasks
Based on CDs/RFDS , letting them know how the antennas/RRHs or other equipment must be installed and with what action do we need to start.
Supporting the crew to solve any of the issues regarding construction
The Existing installed equipment is not matching with the CDs , Artur Pliev and I should inform the site’s CM to take the decision on how to proceed further with our proposed equipment .
Help Crew Foreman to clarify the misunderstanding CD’s/RFDS
If the proposed equipment can not be installed or relocated per CD’s/RFDS requirements cause of low room on tower or any other impediment , Artur Pliev and I should inform the site’s customer CM to take the decision on how to proceed further with our proposed equipment .
Assisting the crew to build the site in concordance with the CD/RFDS.
Manage on the site equipment swap/ decom
Plan with the crew foreman when they are ready to swap or decom the existing equipment, then I must inform the customer Bridge support before proceeding with the action that we want to perform .
Ensure that the crew foreman configured the RETs on the new installed antennas per customer requirements.
Ensure that the customer bridge support has locked the technologies for the equipment that are supposed to be decomped/swapped .
Before tower crew is gonna start to swap or decom any equipment, ensure that the customer bridge support have ready the scripts for it .
After getting the pre-check manage with the crew on clearing the appeared issues/alarms
Each day on site we must keep all the live technologies up unless we work on them and inform the customer bridge support for locking the technologies before performing any activities.
Before post check, must ensure that all links are up and no major alarms .
Once the equipment swap and Integration is completed checking the alarms Upgrade to see actual inform the crew , what they need to fix and how
Based on first day pre check and post integration report compare and find out if there are any new alarms(VSWR/RSSI, CPRI, fiber losses) on existing equipment or on the new installed equipment and inform the crew what need to be fixed
Depending on which issue we have , inform the crew what must be cleaned / verified .
Assist the crew step by step in the troubleshooting process
If the issue is not cleared , inform the crew where to interchange the jumpers or have dummy loads in order to isolate the issue .
After each step of troubleshooting, check with the customer bridge support if the issue is cleared or not.
Once the issue is located, inform the crew what needs to be reverified or swapped .
Working on the troubleshooting process until the site is alarm free in comparison with the first day precheck and the new integrated technologies have in range readings(VSWR/RSSI, CPRI ) and PIM test pass on them .

Ensure that Crew Foremen are studying the market quality and fully applying materials of their market quality instructions.

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