Executive Real Estate VA

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Full Time


$1000 usd/month




Jun 08, 2022


Who we are: We are a veteran owned real estate company that specializes in wholesaling Real
Estate. We have a small team, but are looking to scale and grow and need new, highly
organized and professional members that fit our company.

The Executive Real Estate VA will be in charge of marketing and data entry. They will also work closely with our title company as a transaction coordinator. Other organizational tasks will be given when needed.
Must be highly organized, professional and a problem solver.

**To apply:
-Please go to: Upgrade to see actual info - here you will record yourself
answering the 8 questions below.
-Next, please go to: Upgrade to see actual info - here you will fill out
the DISC profile test.
-When you have completed both of the above, please email your test results, AND your
recording to Upgrade to see actual info and copy, Upgrade to see actual info as well.

1. Tell me about Upgrade to see actual info, Where you live, Where you currently work and if you have any
background or knowledge in real.
2. Why does this job interest you?
3. Why are you leaving your current workplace?
4. Do you prefer to work alone or with other people?
5. Do you know what a wholesaling company does?
6. How would you rate your organization level? How do you stay organized?
7. What has been your favorite job so far and what excites you the most?
8. I am looking for an executive assistant to help with marketing, data entry, hiring other team
members, organizing my Google Drive, and assist with Real estate transaction coordination with
the title company. With what I am looking for, why do you feel like you would be a good fit for
this position, versus anyone else?

Office & Admin (Virtual Assistant)
Data Entry
Sales and Marketing
Mobile Marketing
Professional Services
Real Estate Services
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