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Cost Engineer

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Full Time


1000 USD




Sep 06, 2022


We are China National Building Material Exhibition & Trade Center, the major player in the building material and prefabricated house industry in China, also an official platform for Chinese quality products in this industry to go global. Unable to send staff to the Philippines currently, we are in dire need of an able personnel to lead market development for our newly-registered branch company in the Philippines. This is a remote full-time job. You will be the spearhead for us, reaching potential local partners and clients on our behalf, dealing with daily business operation matters hands-on, and in the future, leading the local market development team.

Your duties will be:
1. Familiar with project bidding documents Familiar with the relevant items stipulated in the project contract
2. Cooperate with overseas colleagues of CBME to formulate budget reports and timely feedback data
3. Prepare the construction drawing budget base on the budget quota, construction progress plan, construction and installation economic regulations and technical measures
4. Conscientiously analysis the cost and quantity on sub-sections and sub-items;
5. Material supply plan review, progress payment review, on-site visa review, design change review;
6. Participate in project bidding, in charge of quotation preparation, propose capital preservation control plan and economic comparative analysis, and keep bid prices confidential

We prefer you to be:.
1. University degree or above
2. Passionate, enterprising and self-driven
3. Have the ability to prepare and review project cost budget and final accounts, and be able to independently complete project budget and final accounts;
4. Understand the operation and contract system of the construction engineering industry, be familiar with the project bidding procedures and operations, and have practical experience in organizing and writing bidding documents;
5. Equipped with the know-hows of international trades and project management
6. Experienced in building material industry or building and construction industry
7. Working experiences between Philippines and China (would be a plus)

We will offer:
1. Bountiful salary
2. Substantial portion of sales dividence
3. Great prospect of career advancement (What we are looking for is the mainstay of our Philippines business in the future).

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