Business Manager & Certified Accountant

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Full Time


Php 30,000 - 60,000




May 18, 2022


The Business Manager & Certified Accountant is a key support position for the executive team for MaxGen Labs and its founder, Chad Yarbrough,DC

You will be responsible for managing the books and reporting across three different small businesses and personal banking accounts, including income tracking and weekly reporting, bi-weekly payroll, account reconciliation and management of tax-related duties (we do have a CPA that manages annual tax filings for the company).

You will also intimately support our founder, Chad Yarbrough,DC, with duties related to coordinating appointments (to involve calling and coordinating with US-based companies), managing her calendar, and coordinating communication to keep a lot of plates spinning in the air!

This role will also serve as an Executive Assistant to our Chief of Staff. You will support her with managing the entire payroll process and handling administrative tasks related to managing our ujxy.

this role, you must be a dependable teav ndmber who is committed to serving both the company, our clients, and our executive staff. You will be privy to confidential information about our finances and our team, and we will be relying on you to look out for the best interests of our financial health.

The ideal candidate will have a strong background in accounting and Quickbooks, managing all phases of the accounting (AR, AP, General Ledger, P&L, Balance Sheet, etc) using GAAP (Generally-Accepted Accounting Procedures). Experience with US tax accounting is a huge plus.

You must have a meticulous eye for detail, spreadsheets, and accuracy. Getting the details right is your passion!

Job Responsibilities Includes:

** Reviewing and reconciling bank and credit card accounts, processing payments to external partners and maintaining updated records of invoices and receipts.
** Track incoming payments from affiliate marketing and various income channels
** Manage payment obligations to suppliers, customers and third-party vendors
** Reconcile financial statements monthly and maintain monthly reporting around tax write-offs and documentation
** Manage invoicing and collections
** File tax forms like quarterly tax payments and monthly sales tax payments
** Identify and address account discrepancies
** Report on the status of accounts payable and receivable
** Monitoring accounts for fraudulent activity
** Manage Quickbooks and related spreadsheets to help monitor the health of the business overall
** Manage all incoming orders; update practitioners on order status
** Deliver test results to practitioners / consumers and handle billing
** Any troubleshooting in the test delivery process to support our practitioners
** Manage all accounts according to HIPPA best practices

Experience includes:

** Bachelor’s Degree or higher in accounting or related field
** 3+ years of combined experience in Finance, Accounting or relevant field
** Quickbooks certified
** Advanced knowledge of Excel (using financial formulas and creating spreadsheets)
** Good knowledge of bookkeeping procedures and debt collection regulations
** Advanced experience in Excel and data management for reports, budgeting, etc.

Tech Requirements:

**Computer - at least i5 or equivalent with 8gb RAM
**Internet Speed - At least 20 MBPS Download speed

Salary Range: Php 30,000 - 60,000 (Full-Time)
Work schedule: 3PM - 11PM CST


If this position is interesting to you, please apply:

1) Please send an email to vvmy@kmcxritcywxbzp.aqf with the Subject: I am Interested in MGL :: Business Manager & Certified Accountant

2) In the body of the email, the first sentence should be: I am Interested in MGL :: Business Manager & Certified Accountant.

3) Then, please share a couple of paragraphs describing why you'd be good for this position, and

4) Please attach your resume and portfolio (don't skip this step or we will not accept your application!).

5) Please also include your mobile phone number (we like to text). Thank you!

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