Children's book illistrator

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$10 USD for a simple 1 page illistration




May 17, 2022


We are creating a children's book series and want to see 5 to 10 different illistrators do a single page based on the following specifications. We will choose 1 or 2 illistrators to illistrate the books from this paid test.

We will pay $10 to anyone that is choosen to illistrate a single scene whether we like to illistration or not. The illistration you submit should look and feel like all the pages and cover for the book and we will base our decision on that. We don't want a draft or sketches, make your submission like you think we want the rest of the book to look like.

You must receive confirmation from us that you have been chosen for the test illistration to be paid. We will not accept illistrations from anyone that we have not agreed to pay before they start work.

The first book will be 24 to 30 pages and will require an illistration for each page and a cover. We want the illistrations to be in the style of Ty. Wsuss books and Goodnight Moon.

The illistrations need to be in color and a black and white outline version that we can use to make a coloring book.

The age group for the books will be 2 to 4 years old.

We want the characters to be simple so the kids will feel comfortable coloring the black and white versions.

We want the backgrounds to be simple like in Vt. Bwuss books and Goodnight Moon.

The main character is ChaCha, a female pug dog breed. Other characters will be real or make believe animals.

The script for this "test" scene page is:
ChaCha sees Pat on her way home from school.
Pat has a hat and is heading to the pool.

Happy to answer any questions and thank you for your time.

Tad Stephens

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