High salary-Online English editors/proofreaders-Paid every Friday

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$800 USD/month-$2200 USD/month




May 31, 2022


Hi, I'm Jenny. This is a job which you can choose as an online part-time or full-time job.

This job requires you to have good working attitude, and have good English skills.

1. [Salary]

6 usd for revising 1000 words, and will be paid on every Friday. There will be extra money for expendited fees and transaction fees which will be transferred it to u.

For editors who do the long-term job with us and can handle different kind of revision tasks, they usually can earn around ?453-778 usd?every week.

But if you cannot do rush tasks or cannot do the long-term job, you might earn 30-60 usd every week.

We will pay you via Paypal, and don’t worry, we will pay you enough transaction fees:D

2. [What kind of essay that you might revise?]
You will need to help the customer to revise their essays and reports which may be about Medicine/Psychology/Law/Sports/Literature/Education/Business/Human Resource Management/Accounting and Finance/Chemical industry, and etc.

We extremely lack the editors who are good at revising essays in terms of business, medicine, engineering,computer science, psychology, literature, accounting and finance:D

Sometimes, you will need to help the customer revise their cover letter, resume and so on.

This is a long-term job, please make sure you can revise rush tasks within 1 day or even 5 hours sometimes.

3. [How to contact me?]

If you can do this job, please email me the following information and i will send u a trial editing task which there will be 174 words to test your attitude and ability. After you pass the test, I will tell u how to start to do this job:D

My email?blsdgxastp@373.bpj
1. Which kind of tasks can you revise?
(such as history, education, chemistry/psychology/philosophy/civil engineering/accounting/finance/business/literature/media/engineering/computer science, and etc.
2. Major in College
3. Working Experience
4. Educational Background
5. Electric Stability
6. Address and How is the weather there? (often pouring rain? storm?)
7. Laptop Specs-
8. Availability (Example: 18:00 PHT to 23:00 PHT on every weekdays or weekend)
NOTE: Please include your Time Zone.
9. Do you have time to do rush tasks?
10. Are you available to do long-term tasks (at least two months or 6 months)?
68.Sqone Number
12. WhatsApp Account and number and QR code
13. WeChat Account (If you already have a WeChat account, then it is better. If you don’t, then one will be provided for you)

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