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Full Time


315 PHP/Hour - Negotiable Upon Skillset




May 08, 2022


Hello! My name is Mack and I'm the CEO of GrowthClips Media.

We are a Media Marketing Company based in Florida, USA.
Our expertise is producing top-tier educational short-form content for large personal brands.

--- Requirements ---

We are seeking an Expert Social Media Manager who:

1. Has a lot of previous Media Management Experience

* Provide Your Credentials & Any Previous Work/Accounts You've Worked With
* Provide Your Previous Work So I Can Review Your Copywriting
* You Must Understand How Important Attention To Detail Is

2. Has excellent Organization & Planning Skills to:

* Schedule, Plan & Post Content - Mostly IG Reels, TikTok & YouTube Shorts
* Provide Content Results/Analytics

3. Has Content Copywriting Experience To Create:

* Engaging & Enticing Social Media Titles
* Captions
* Thumbnail Text Copy
* Descriptions & Hashtags

4. Has Content Curation Experience in order to:

* Source Content Topics Using Analytic Tools & Search Methods
* Find Trending Topics To Use For Client Videos

5. Has an Expert-Level Understanding of Instagram, TikTok & YouTube to:

* Find Trending Sounds To Use For Videos
* Find Trending Topics To Use For Videos
* Understand The Algorithms and Help Optimize Each Video We Produce

Here are some questions for you to review & answer so we can dwgvox if it makes sense to move forward with a meeting.
Thank You!

- How many hours are you available per week?
- Which days are you available during the week?
- How many clients/accounts are you currently working with?
- How long have you been a Social Media Manager?
- We work on an hourly rate pay structure - What is your hourly rate?
- What do you enjoy most about being a Social Media Manager?
- Do you have any copywriting experience?
- Are you familiar with how to find trending sounds on TikTok/Instagram Reels?

Our business is focused on producing top-tier educational short-form content.
The goal is to provide value to the viewers and maximize the amount of views & followers our clients get.
We need an expert to help us curate, create, and distribute our videos.

Our structure is posting 1 video every day for 30-days with each client.
This video will be distributed on the main 3 short-form content platforms - IG Reel, TikTok, YouTube Short
So, with 1 client - They will have 30 videos - which will require 90 posts, each month.

Thank You For Inquiring About Our Social Media Manager Position!

If you have made it this far, you MUST provide your credentials & question answers
in THE FIRST message or your message will not be responded to.

Thank You! (:

- Mack

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