Objective-C Developer with Cross Platform Experience

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May 02, 2022


We’re looking for a developer to facilitate the transition of our Swift/Objective-C/C++ code to cross-platform Qt/C++ code. Windows Qt version is ready and old Mac code is also working. Your job will be to bring Mac code to Windows/Qt version.

The main tasks will be:

- To transfer the Objective-C/C++ code from the old Mac-only repository to a new, cross-platform repository
- Ensure that the transferred code retains all functionality present in the legacy version
- Update several outdated dependencies
- Implement new features absent in the legacy version

If you have required skills, you could also contribute to the following tasks:

- Updating our CMake build system to compile Mac code
- Recreating custom installer
- Adding Metal rendering to Qt UI

You should be proactive, have great attention to detail and positive attitude geared towards solving problems. You will be expected to conform to the existing architecture with occasional refactoring and follow best practices. We also expect you to be able to work without significant supervision.

You must be able to work in the European or US East Coast time zones to facilitate Upgrade to see actual infotimated time for this project is 2-3 months. If you turn out to be a good fit for the company and the product is of interest to you, we are looking for a permanent addition to our team.

The following skills are required:

- 3-5 years of experience with Objective-C
-3+ years of experience with modern C++ (we’re working in C++ 17)
- At least 1 year of experience with Swift (only for reverse-engineering, but some bits of code are quite intricate)
- Understanding of IPC using XPC
- Troubleshooting and Debugging

The following skills will be valuable:

- At least 1 year of CMake experience, including building complex projects outside of XCode and handling cross-platform code
- Experience with shell scripting and automation
- Experience with building custom installers
- Experience programming Apple Metal
- Experience with FxPlug 4, Adobe SDKs and OpenFX SDK
- Experience with Qt 6 and Apple Metal
- Willingness to learn Windows MFC
- Understanding and experience with designing and writing unit and integration tests

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