Need A Talented & Reliable Website Designer Who Can Also Train An Assistant

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Full Time


Starting at Php 30.000 to 50,000/month.




Jun 08, 2022


Looking for a talented website designer who can create beautiful websites that fit current trends in online marketing. This may start out with one-off jobs but quickly evolve into a part-time or full-time salaried position.

Your job will be to turn website and sales page copy that I provide into nice-looking websites for online marketing purposes. Ability to build websites from scratch or customize HTML and WordPress themes as needed. Some of my clients need a traditional-looking business website, some need magazine-style websites, and some need a more direct-response style sales page like you often see for digital Products and courses. So I'm looking for a designer who can work with a variety of styles.

I also need help training a virtual assistant (she is a Filipina but doesn't have much experience online), so ability to teach and manage others would be important. Do you have any experience with teaching or managing inexperienced VAs on miscellaneous tasks?


Good English and the ability to design with Html, WordPress, Elementor, Photoshop, etc. Tell me what else you can do!

You should also have a solid understanding of online marketing, UXE, and how websites can be organized to move along the sales process. A website should be a lot more than just a pretty picture. It needs to get calls, email subscriptions, and sales to make it worth the client's investment.

I can provide direction on making sure the website is an effective sales tool, but it's helpful if you understand that side of design too! That will help us communicate much better...


The ability to meet deadlines and communicate is crucial! In order for me to keep my clients happy and close big deals, I have to let them know when they can expect to see something and when project milestones will be finished. And then I have to deliver on that promise! Regular and honest communication is a must.

I've worked with some talented designers over the years, but it has unfortunately been tough to find someone reliable…Are you the dependable contractor I've been looking for?

Then I'd love to talk.


- Your rate for doing a single website design.
- Desired salary for 20hr/week or 40hr/week creating designs for me and my clients on a regular basis.
- A portfolio or examples of your work. Live websites that are still up are much appreciated!
- What other design skills and experience do you have? Logos? Branding? Video? Slideshows?
- Do you have experience training, managing, or teaching VAs or new designers? Please describe.
- Current availability.

I look forward to meeting you and seeing if we're a good fit.

To start off I have a small task troubleshooting, fixing, and updating a website built on Wordpress Elementor that has gone down due to lack of updating. This will be a good chance to show your skillset.


Web Development
Graphics & Multimedia
Web page Design
Tutoring Teaching
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