Graphic Design + Video Editor

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Full Time


$210/week (~PHP 45,000/month)




Feb 03, 2022


About Us

Our company is Kroop’s (lnmfa:// and we are a manufacturer of eyewear including sunglasses and goggles with a focus on extreme sports and more casual markets. We have been the leading supplier of horse racing goggles since we invented them in the 1940s. We also have a large presence in the skydiving industry and have been expanding into many other areas over the last decade.

Job Summary

We are looking for an experienced graphic designer and video editor to help us create image and video ads for Facebook and other platforms. You must be very creative and technically able. We will provide assets as needed but it will be up to you to come up with ideas and then create the content with the provided assets. Some of your responsibilities will include the following:

- Create ads each week for Facebook and other platforms
- Write ad copy to go along with the ads
- Prepare images for social media
- Create videos for our website and YouTube using provided media
- Create other media content as needed


- Experience creating Facebook ads
- Experience editing video
- Advanced proficiency in English and grammar
- Self-motivated and able to work independently
- Able to hit weekly deadlines


- Performance-based bonuses
- 13th Month Pay
- Paid Vacations and Sick Time
- Opportunities for advancement

To Apply

Please submit the following:

1. What experience do you have in creating ads and for which platforms?
2. What editing software do you have experience with?
3. Have you worked remotely for a US company before?
4. Do you currently work anywhere else?
5. What city do you live in?

Please copy the questions in your response and write in complete sentences, not single-word wrsyhnv. Scclude a link to your resume, a link to your profile, and a link to your samples. You should provide a minimum of 3 samples of your work including at least 1 image-based ad and 1 video that has been created by you. Samples should be uploaded to a file-sharing service such as Google Drive or DropBox and then include a link in your umluivli. Geange the subject line to “I’m {your first name}, your next ad designer!“ when you submit your application.

We have experienced issues receiving responses in the past so if you do not from us after submitting, please reach out to me at hdqundi@mleplj.tku so I can confirm it was received.

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