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Oct 07, 2022


Hi All!

We are looking for some new Virtual assistants to take on discord management and NFT whitelisting jobs for us.

How It Works:

1. You enter a NFT discord and find the requirements needed to get a Ethereum wallet address whitelisted.

2. You perform the tasks in the discord (and sometimes on social media accounts like twitter which we will organize for you).

3. Get whitelisted and notify us!

What Is Usually Required For Whitelisting On Projects:

- participate in the giveaways- this is the most common and easiest way (just need to click a button sometimes)

- Be active in the chat and get levels called grinding (some discords require a certain amount of non spammy messages to be sent in order to acquire a level for Whitelisting). You should be able to hold a conversation in English.

- Invite X amount of people (usually between 5-20 so having some friends and family that you can invite would be handy)

- Create memes or fan art (this is usually not mandatory but in some cases you can skip all of the above points and get whitelist immediately if you are good at this!!)

Things You Should Know/Have:

- Knowledge on How To Use Discord (and a discord to communicate with us)

- Decent English skills though they don't have to be amazing

- Knowledge on NFTs and Crypto (this is not mandatory but it will help a lot)

- Ability to learn and work things out for yourself (We can't be monitoring all the time)

Benefits To This Position:

- You can work your own hours (flexible times)

- Some jobs will be quick and require a day at max

- Take on multiple WL jobs and get paid for all of them when you finish

- Easy work for someone whose social as most WL jobs are just about talking in these discord communities

- BONUSES given if the project does well at the discretion of the team.

If you have read all this and understand please feel free to apply.

Successful applicants will have a small simple 5 min task to complete to show general competency and problem solving skills.

Talk soon!

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