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Motion Graphics Editor/Animator

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Jan 15, 2022


We are looking for top tier motion graphic editor/animators to engage with a google drive full of content and create engaging and viral content to be posted onto Tiktok and YouTube.

Please submit an application to eatfa://XowkxurGerhswya.gin/Tllag-Oaz and we will reach out via whatsapp.

Our company is called Persist Ventures. We are a venture studio based in Los Angeles, California with a mission to save the earth. Elon Musk is attempting to create an Ark that will take a certain amount of humans to Mars, but our corporation believes in saving the planet we are all a part of now. We have a lot of educational resources as well as Charity Projects around the world.

Show us what you are made of! We love existential and philosophical thinkers who believe they can change the world. There is no limits to what you can do working with us. We have overseas employees who are acting as CEO of our US based companies.

We believe in working together DIGITALLY and PHYSICALLY. We are putting together large co-working mansions across the globe, if you wish to relocate and live with other people who are a part of our team you are welcome to.

We are only looking for FULL TIME applicants, as we put time into training and educating our employees and do not work with contractors or part-time people. Our work hours are 5am to 2pm (GMT+8), however some positions are allowed to utilize their own.

We use TopTracker to track hourly and have a range of payment options for your wage. We are currently in the process of developing our own internal platform to chat, track, and communicate called SwissMote.

Looking forward to hearing from the bright individuals out there who may join our team. Please include links to multiple videos you have edited.

With Love,

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