DIRECT HIRE: Paid Media Specialist | Remote Work, Full time

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Full Time


$650-$750 USD




Dec 06, 2021


To Apply:
Send your resume to along with:
-A cover letter
-A 2-minute or less audio recording explaining why you would be a good fit for the position.
Follow this subject format: Paid Media Specialist - Your Name

About the Company:
We are a USA based E-Commerce business selling men’s and women’s accessories over multiple retail channels. Our team is a hybrid of employees on-site in the U.S. and remotely around the world. We pride ourselves in creating an excellent balance of work and personal well-being. Our company vibe is warm and friendly; we are efficient and perform at a high level of productivity, yet at the same time we are relaxed and have fun!

Job Overview:
We are looking for a candidate who can implement, track, monitor and optimize our paid ad campaigns on multiple platforms. ADF Accessories is a quickly growing business and the role of the Paid Media Specialist is integral to our continued and future success!

The ideal candidate has:
1. Excellent English writing and communication skills.
2. A strong understanding of SEO and keywords, including keyword research, negative keywords and competitor research.
3. Excellent knowledge of how to navigate, utilize and track analytics data on paid marketing platforms including Facebook/Instagram, Google and Pinterest.
4. A desire to work in a fast-paced environment; we greatly value those who can communicate effectively with our amazing team and return work in a timely manner.
5. Experience creating and tracking successful paid ads, specifically ads geared towards E-Commerce/Retail and fashion conversions on a variety of platforms (including Facebook, Instagram, Stories, Pinterest and Google)
6. Excellent typing, communication, organizational, analytical, research and editorial skills.
7. The desire and ability to work collaboratively and closely with our fun, fast-paced marketing team in a remote environment.

Job Requirements:
1. Work in tandem with our marketing team and marketing director to plan, develop and execute paid ad opportunities and campaigns across multiple platforms.
2. Maintain brand aesthetic and campaign cohesiveness between paid campaigns and our social, blog, website and email marketing efforts.
3. Dig deep into our extensive product collection and find places where we can better utilize paid marketing to our advantage; be collaborative, creative and enthusiastic.
4. Organize, monitor and optimize campaigns for performance, including making adjustments to copy, bid strategy, budgets, keywords and otherwise to successfully achieve our acquisition and conversion goals.
5. Utilize best practices in campaign management, structure, strategies and reporting.
6. Implement A/B testing, keyword research and keyword testing to track and optimize campaigns for best performance.
7. Create ads based on funnels and segments; offer a personalized approach to each customer group that will drive retail conversions and brand awareness.
8. Utilize analytics and reporting tools to track conversions, progress, ROAS and ROI.
9. Create regular reports to share with key management and stakeholders.
10. Monitor, adjust and maintain multiple campaigns at the same time including brand awareness, seasonal, segmented, retargeting, ongoing, etc.
11. Execute diligent research into keywords, competitors and current practices.
12. Conduct thorough SEM Audits on a regular basis.
13. Implement and oversee data feeds, pixel placement and Google Tag Manager.
14. Effectively manage and distribute our ad budget.
15. Assist our marketing team with other tasks as needed and when time allows, including email marketing/segmentation, content and otherwise.

Job Skills and Requirements:
• Fluent and professional English and grammar skills; both verbal and written.
• Proficient at data feeds including Google Merchant/Google shopping, Pinterest and Facebook/Instagram Shops.
• Proficiency with app integrations, pixel placement and conversion tracking.
• Working knowledge of paid advertising best practices and current trends.
• Strong organizational and communication skills.
• Basic understanding of E-Commerce and retail merchandising.
• Thorough knowledge of Google Analytics and other tracking tools.
• Proven track record of creating and maintaining large-scale paid advertising campaigns.
• BigCommerce knowledge is a plus!
• The ability to learn new platforms, especially ones that we use to collaborate and communicate.
• Upbeat positive personality.
• The ability to work collaboratively with a team in a remote environment.
• The ability to organize and manage a task load, which may include multiple different project types, subjects and platforms.
• Proven track record of managing merchant accounts, large product collections and budgets with consistent growth-oriented results.
• 2+ years of experience creating, monitoring and driving paid conversions in an agency setting.
• This is a graveyard shift, and you must possess a minimum of 6 months recent experience in a graveyard shift capacity.
• 2-3 years of experience in content writing, preferably for E-Commerce/retail, email marketing and social media.
• Education: Bachelor's Degree, Associate's Degree, or equivalent

To Apply:
Send your resume to along with:
-A cover letter
-A 2-minute or less audio recording explaining why you would be a good fit for the position.
Follow this subject format: Paid Media Specialist - Your Name

More info:
This is a work-from-home opportunity! Our workforce consists of on-site employees in the USA and 20+ remote employees in the Philippines who have been working in this arrangement for 3 years now. This is a full-time position requiring 40 hours per week. Your regular weekly schedule will be Monday to Friday 09:00 AM-6:00 PM EST. You will need a steadfast computer with a reliable and consistent high-speed internet connection – minimum 10 MBPS. You will need to ensure that you have a designated workspace that will allow you to focus and work uninterruptedly.

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