COO for E-Commerce Company

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Jan 31, 2022


We are a e-commerce company and we are in expansion. We have many E-commerce stores and we need someone that will manage the different operational team.

a. Customer Service & Disputes you will be in charge to manage our Customer service team by following and improve our strategy. All incoming emails and fb comments are handled by a dedicated team. In case of need you will be in charge to hire resources.

b. Compliance Because Facebook is not your best friend, but a necessary partner, you will be in charge to manage our Facebook infrastructure by following and improve our strategy. In case of need you will be in charge to hire resources to ensure endless stream of ready to use Facebook accounts, vps’s, Facebook pages, bm’s and agency ad accounts.

c. E-mail Marketing you will be in charge to follow and manage the external e-mail marketing team that aims to get e-mail revenue above 30% on all your stores. This team is constantly blasting clients with promotions and highly targeted flows to maximize e-mail revenue.

d. Web Development you will be in charge to hire in case of need a developer for custom changes to website who can adapt all HTML, CSS and Liquid coding to you specified wishes

e. Human Resources In case of need, to speed up the hiring of your team members, you will be in charge to find a new HR profile that we will hire. The HRM will scheduling the pre-approved candidates in your agenda for a final interview. All payroll is also managed by the HRM.

f. Financial Support To guarantee clarity and transparency in financial metrics and a clear representation of all financial gains and rewards including yours, you will be involved on the accounting in a high-level of view You are responsible for the P&L of your individual team. You have the mission to maximize the revenue and profitability of your branch. This means you are to keep revenue high by looking for opportunities to expand to new markets or lead multiple teams. You are expected to keep your post-sale margins high by guarding the B/E Roas of your products and having a strong creative strategy to keep cpc low. You are expected to keep the earnings per visitor high by increasing the AOV and Conversion on your stores. Aside form making more money, we evaluate your performance on your ability to work as lean as possible and thus keeping the overall cost of your team’s payroll and expenses as low as possible to hedge agains any rough times your may experience.

g. Advertising Your operational responsibility is to guarantee the successful product launching process from research to shopify launch in multiple European coutries and scaling the ads on different platform (Facebook, Google, Bing, Snapshat,Tiktok). You are responsible for upholding the creative quality and maintaining a high quality of accuracy on the data aspect of product sourcing and shopify product assets.

h. Cultural Responsibility You are the leader of a lion pack. Every person in your team is to be aware of the success and failures of the whole. We expect you to drive and motivate people when they are down, and to keep them humble and open to growth when times are good. You have the freedom to hire those you see fit for your team’s goals and energy.

if you speak perfectly english and you have already at least one year experience as a COO in a company with a minimum of 20 employes, we need to discuss further.

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