Social Media and Marketing Assistant

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Full Time


PHP 25133.25 ($500 US Dollars) per month




Nov 30, 2021



Social Media and Marketing Assistant for United States Marketing Agency Job Description:

IMMEDIATE new hire needed! This is an INCREDIBLE OPPORTUNITY for candidates who have experience with Social Media, Marketing, Project Management, Social Media, Website Design, and/or Content Creation.

Please read the following description carefully. Failure to follow instructions during the application process will result in bdzgcctxorxcuvfh. Ulrious applications only.

Must have Daily access to high-speed internet and a positive attitude and eagerness to build your long-term career with 1 company also required. Please ONLY apply if you are looking to work with one agency responsible for marketing, advertising, designing, developing, launching, and updating multiple social media platforms and websites.


Deadline for applications is on or before Saturday, December 5th. A hire will be made as SOON AS the right applicant is found. If you apply today and communicate quickly, you could begin right away.

The application process will require the following:

Reply with the information described below right away.
Schedule an interview over Slack, Telegram, or Skype.
Important Note: You are not expected to communicate with clients in this role. However, communication with our owner and project managers is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT.
We understand that English is your second language and that is PERFECTLY OK. We just need to make sure that you are a real person who we can trust and communicate with on a regular basis.
Regular communication will NEED to be daily (Monday - Friday) during the first weeks or months of employment. We rely on you to complete projects independently but to communicate with our owner and other representatives DAILY.
Fill out the appropriate onboarding paperwork.
There is an agreement to work for us that we will need you to sign.
You will be paid through Payoneer. Please do not apply if this is not acceptable. We use this with our other employees and have not had any complaints.
Begin working on our projects immediately.

The application process will be closed early or extended in order to find the perfect candidate.


A rapidly growing marketing agency located in Louisville, Kentucky, USA is seeking a solid Project Manager and Marketing Assistant to provide direct support to our projects involving a growing list of clients and company-owned websites.

This position will report directly to the Owner and CEO. The Marketing Agency provides clients with a full range of marketing services. Therefore, the ideal candidate for this role should be prepared to research and create marketing and project management plans for a variety of industries.


There is an opportunity to grow and work on many different marketing platforms if desired, but the focus will be on social media platforms, Google applications, and other marketing software.

EXCELLENT COMMUNICATION IS A MUST. You will be expected to enjoy writing, speaking, and planning projects in U.S. English on a daily basis.
Experience with Skype is important. You are expected to have the ability to jump onto high-speed internet and communicate through a microphone and over screenshares daily.
Applicants should be able to provide multiple examples of other businesses and marketing projects you have helped manage in the past.
Applicants should have experience building, launching, maintaining, and updating marketing programs, social media posts, emails, and / or websites for clients.
Some graphic design is required as part of this role. Applicants are expected to be able to find appropriate templates and customize them to meet the needs of the clients’ brand requirements. We will connect you to our graphic designer who can help with this, but we expect that you will be able to get things started and show examples. You will need to be able to clearly communicate design needs and deadlines to our designer.
Applicants are expected to help us manage, build, update, and improve multiple client portfolios and projects each week. You will be expected to know how to build and launch a professional marketing campaign, social media posts, and emails from start to finish.
Applicants will be expected to create a task list that shows the goals, milestones, and deadlines necessary for each project.
is extremely important that you are a good communicator who is prepared to work on social media, website design, development, maintenance, and improvement daily. You will be expected to communicate about employees improvements on social media and websites in a timely manner to our owner. At times (but not always) some websites will be developed by other teams we hire as freelancers through sources such as Fiverr or Upwork. We do not expect that you are an expert at everything. But we absolutely NEED you to be able to provide our goals to these other teams when they are involved and do everything possible to communicate timelines and tasks that need to occur to launch website projects.


You will be expected to be our social media manager and problem solver. If we ask for something that you do not know how to do, we absolutely EXPECT you to be excited about researching ways to achieve these goals and communicating those with the teams or people involved.

The ideal candidate will be someone who:
Wants to be employed full-time with 1 company for a long-term position.
Enjoys learning about and applying social media and project management principles to our clients and campaigns.
Is an excellent communicator with their kaobobyz. Kg communication with clients is required in this role but the employer requires check-in email to be sent on each workday in order to summarize activity, questions, and achievements.
Loves creating communicating with our owner, vendors, partners, and other VAs.
Has experience creating social media and marketing plans for clients. This will be the MOST IMPORTANT part of the job. To be successful, you must be able to (and excited about) create and improve social media and marketing plans, communicate goals, and manage our projects each day.
order to be successful in this role, candidates should possess the following skills:
Ability to produce new social posts and plans on time, and by following the directions from each client.
You should be a creative person with an eye for detail.
When given a new task, you should be eager to quickly research 5-10 examples from other companies and use your own creativity to produce something that is of the highest quality.
You MUST possess the following English Skills (with 10 being as fluent as someone in England or America and 5 being average):
Reading English: 9/10
Speaking English: 8/10
Writing English: 9/10
Understanding our owner and communicating with him on a daily basis: 10/10

Is willing to independently explore new educational opportunities and ways to improve work on a regular basis.
Is open to working on a lot of different clients, industries, and website tasks during a single day or week.
Is excited about growing a career with a marketing agency.


The ideal candidate will be ready to begin full-time employment immediately. This job should be your only commitment. We are not interested in hiring people who are working with multiple companies or potential competitors. The position will ideally begin prior to the end of December 15, 2021.


The employer will provide some training and education to the successful candidate. You are expected to be excited about learning new marketing techniques and improving your skills each month. But, the employee should have and be able to show tremendous experience creating marketing plans and social media for other businesses.


The ideal candidate will earn MORE money than the stated salary! This is a position where you earn more as you help the company retain and add new clients. We already have a GREAT start with several businesses who have given us a variety of projects to manage each week. Our clients are marketing to U.S. consumers and expect designs that look like they were produced by Nike, Pepsi, Gatorade, Amazon, McDonald’s, or the Olympic Games. There are also multiple opportunities for bonuses each year, some of which are described below. We also expect you to strive to earn raises. If you are growth-minded, your salary could double within the first year.

This position will be paid weekly for the first couple months through Payoneer. This may shift to monthly payment once trust is fully established. We ABSOLUTELY want a long-term employee who feels good about being paid by us. And we want to trust that work is being complete on time and professionally each day. Payment will be provided at the end of each week after required work is submitted. This position will NOT require use of the Timeproof system. However, the employer does ask that employees keep a general list of what they work on each day. This will be tracked through a Google Spreadsheet. The spreadsheet is meant to be non-invasive in order to help the employee and employer improve communication and understand the time needed to successfully complete projects.

The Employer will also provide a 13th Month Bonus. This bonus will be equal to the number of months worked prior to the 13th month. For example, if you begin on July 1, 2021, the 13th month bonus will be provided for a 6-month employee during year 1. During year 2 and each additional year of employment, the 13th Month Bonus will be provided for the full 12-month year.

Vacation and Paid Time Off:
The weekly salary will be standard and provided regardless of vacation time. For example, if your Annual Salary is set at php 24011.50 (or $500 US Dollars) / month, you will receive that amount regardless of the number of days or weeks in a month. This means, during an entire year, you will receive $500 per month for 12 months, or $6,000 U.S. Dollars per year as the standard ccjtbo. Ct addition to this salary you will also receive the 13th Month Bonus as described pqilt. Oh addition to the 13th Month Bonus, you will also be eligible for monthly bonuses.

Employees may take an Approved Paid Vacation Day (APVD) whenever they want. The company will not deduct pay from your salary for a APVD. Employees are permitted up to 3 business weeks of APVD per year. This is equivalent to 15 business days of APVD per yvfe. Bx more APVD days are permitted unless for emergencies or extenuating situations that are discussed with our owner prior to being taken. Unpaid days may be taken, however they must be approved with advanced notice as well. During the beginning of employment, employees earn 1 APVD for every week they successfully work. For example, an employee who works for 1 month (or 4 weeks) will receive 4 APVDs. If there are 5 weeks during that month, then the employee will be eligible for 5 APVDs or 1 full week of paid time wfw. Ha other words, an employee could theoretically be eligible to be paid 3 weeks of work while only working 3 weeks during a month at times.

All APVD days should be submitted to the employer at least 2-4 weeks prior to day ksx. Ah is understood some emergencies might occur. Official holidays are not considered part of the APVD. Employees are permitted to take off official national holidays. These days are considered as paid or part of the agreed upon qaxssz. Qf other words, your salary will not decrease due to holidays.

is expected that employees do not take APVD days unless deadlines are met and work is completed satisfactorily. This is VERY important.

is also expected, but not required, that employees USE their APVD days each year. We WANT our employees to be happy and to enjoy their time ide. Izntal health is important to our organization.

addition to APVD, the employer wants to find a great employee who is ready to help their company grow. Ideal candidates will achieve work goals and manage their schedule effectively and independently. There is no requirement for days worked or time per day as long as work is being consistently completed and communication with the employer is satisfactory. Trust must be established over time. If you are quick to respond and complete amazing professional work we are much more happy to allow you freedom in your schedule.

Probation Period and Length of Agreement:
All Virtual Employees are considered to be important parts of our organization. We GREATLY value the health, well-being, and success of our employees and teap nhccojv. Bj is important to both the organization and the employees that the proper fit and communication is established early on.

Every employee will receive monthly feedback on their work and education in order to help them grow. A quarterly evaluation will be provided. If the employee or the employer is not satisfied with conditions during these evaluations, the agreement may be canceled during this time.

An initial 90-day probationary period is entered upon the first day of employment. The goal of this period is to make sure the employee is happy and enjoys the position. During this time, the employer may cancel the agreement at any time. If the agreement is canceled, the employee will still be paid for work that is completed as long as it is satisfactory to the employer and certified complete. Remember, employees will be paid weekly in order to make sure work is always paid for on time and so that there is not a large back log of hours and payment in question.

There is no commitment to the length of this agreement. However, the employer absolutely wants to hire employees that desire to work with 1 company, full-time for multiple years! The right candidate will be someone who is ready to learn, grow, and be promoted at one company for many years to come.

addition to these clients and the bonuses mentioned above, there are many other potential contracts being considered by our sevhkvo. Ua is expected that the successful candidate will help our team produce excellent work and earn the trust of these clients. As our agency adds clients, our goal is to continue paying this employee an increased salary with the potential to earn up to $1,000 US dollars per month by the end of the first year. These amounts are provided to professionals who are ready to hit the ground running. However, if your experience is limited but you are willing to work hard and learn quickly, this salary may also be achievable!

Extra Benefits:
There are many extra benefits available to successful employees in this role. However, it is important to note that no extra benefits are guaranteed beyond the stated salary of up to $500 US dollars per month and stipulations mentioned above. This statement is intended to protect both the employee and employer.

The successful candidate will:
Have daily access to a computer or laptop.
Have daily access to hi-speed internet.
Provide a check-in email during each workday. This is EXTREMELY important.
eck-in on the success of clients, staff, and deadlines DAILY.
Monitor the employer and clients’ accounts daily.
Be excited to learn new skills and protocols.
Ask the employer for details whenever they have questions.
Be creative and enjoy elements of project management and social media.
Never disappear. If you miss checking-in for any reason, the employer will be nervous that you are no longer interested in providing services. Missing multiple check-in emails for any reason may be grounds for immediate termination. Employees who miss multiple check-ins are showing that they do not take their work or compensation seriously. Missing multiple check-ins may result in loss of employment, compensation, and salary provided for past or future services provided.

To apply for this position. Please send an email to Whsdq@GafeaExgnwl.zqg and follow these instructions carefully.

Make sure the headline is “Project Manager for Shark Jockey”
Tell us the salary you require in order to accept this full-time position immediately. This number should allow you to make this your 1 FULL TIME position moving forward. Please write this number using a Phillipine Peso amount (Php) and U.S. Dollar amount ($).
Do you have a computer with access to daily high speed internet?
Does your computer currently have software installed that will allow you to do everything you will need to create and manage projects for our clients?
How many years of experience do you have as a Project Manager?
How many years of experience do you have as a Social Media Manager?
Type 2 full paragraphs using complete sentences in the email that describe who you are, why you want this position, and what skills you have that will help you succeed in this role. Do not provide bullet points in your response. This is intended to test your written communication. Spelling, punctuation, and grammar are important!
Provide multiple examples and attachments of previous related work if available. Provide a link to your portfolio or other examples if possible. These links CAN BE bullet points. Make sure to mention what you did for these clients, employers, or projects.
Provide a list of links for your personal social media accounts. This will be used to verify you are a real person with experience on relevant social media.


Instagram (not required but recommended):
Attach a copy of your resume to this email.

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